How to Export Mac Outlook Mail to Windows Outlook PST?


This is the blog for you if you’re looking for a way to export Mac Outlook Mail to Windows Outlook on your Macintosh computer. Here, you may learn about many methods for converting or exporting Outlook for Mac data.

Export Mac Outlook Mail to Windows Outlook

Let’s take a look at some of the most common connected questions before moving on.

“I have been wanting to transfer all of my Outlook Mac data to Windows Outlook for a while. I had a Mac Outlook account for a very long time. Although it is intimidating, I tried a few of the internet methods and converted a few OLM files to PST. Is there a way to export Outlook Mac Mail in bulk to PST files?”

“I came here after utilizing many email services to export Outlook Mac to PST. Please provide a program that will import or convert OLM files to Windows Outlook. If a third-party tool offers batch export capabilities, that would be great.

Let’s now identify the ideal response to address these problems in the most straightforward manner. Learn everything there is to know about PST and OLM files from Outlook, for instance.

Ideal Method to Export Mac Outlook Mail to Windows Outlook 

We are offering the ideal method for you to launch Outlook 2016 on your computer. Advik OLM to PST Converter is a program that imports or converts your files to PST, CSV, PDF, DOC, and more formats.

Export Mac Outlook Mail to Windows Outlook

Another email client, such as Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., is another option for import. Additionally, you can choose to upload only a few crucial OLM files or the entire collection. Even more crucially, export the OLM files with attachments to any other email client or into the desired file format.

The installation of any other software is not necessary because the application is completely stand-alone. The software is simple to use and makes it possible for users to operate it without any technical assistance. The utility protects your data from any data loss and preserves and maintains the folder hierarchy. Additionally, you can select your preferred destination location for the files that are generated.

Outlook Data Files

No matter the platform, Microsoft Outlook supports it without any issues. Microsoft employees are familiar with the various Outlook file formats. Here are some examples of MS Outlook file types for people who are new to it:

PST: Personal Storage Files, often known as Outlook Data Files, are PST files. It initially included the Windows Outlook account’s email messages, Contacts, calendar, etc. You can use it to export or backup the contents of any of your email accounts.

OLM: OLM files, which are data files for Outlook for Mac, work similarly to PST files in that they are used to store email files from an Outlook account. If you have an Outlook account on Mac, opening OLM files on that platform is simple.

However, it is not practical to import an OLM file into Windows Outlook; as a result, through this post, learn the ideal method to export Outlook Mac Mail to PST on Mac OS.

Methods to Export Mac Outlook Mail to Windows Outlook

The techniques to export Outlook Mac Mail to PST on a Mac are listed below. Try any approach that suits your needs; if you want the software to convert all of your files, move on to the Automated Solution.

Method 1: Sync Outlook for Mac Account with Outlook account for Windows

If you only have a little amount of Outlook Mac data that needs to be exported, you should use this method, which is used by many individuals.

  1. Use the Outlook for Mac ID to log in to Windows Outlook.
  2. Following that, Outlook for Windows syncs all emails.
  3. Open Outlook Import/Export as soon as the syncing procedure is finished to export all of the emails as PST files.

Method 2: Save Outlook for Mac Files 

Those who have a lot of Outlook Mac emails are not advised to use this strategy, the steps are listed below;

  1. Select the emails you want to export to PST format from Outlook Mac.
  2. After making a new folder for your Outlook backup, use drag and drop.
  3. On a Mac, the email files are kept in EML format. Then move the emails to the Windows machine by saving them to a flash drive or external drive.
  4. Opening Outlook on Windows will allow you to create a new folder in your inbox.

Finally, launch the Import/Export Wizard in Outlook for Windows and export all the emails in EML to PST format.

Issues with the Manual Approach

These are the actions to take when you just have a few email files to export from Outlook Mac, as can be seen from the steps and procedure. These methods require a long time to export just a few email messages to PST formats. You still need to convert the PST files later, even after completing steps two and three. Get the quick and easy method to export Outlook Mac Mail to PST on your Mac now.

How Do I Use the OLM to PST Format Converter Tool?

The software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface of the utility makes it possible for people to operate it with ease. Without outside assistance or specialized knowledge, the operation is straightforward and manageable. Now, carefully follow the instructions below:

On your machine, download and install the software.

Step 1. Launch Advik OLM Converter on your computer.

Step 2. Using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options, upload the OLM files you want to import.

OLM to PST Format Converter Tool

Step 3. Next, from the Select Saving Option menu, choose PST file format.

Step 4. Next, choose the destination you need from the Select Destination path.

Advik OLM to PST

Step 5. also gives you the choice to make distinct PST files for each Outlook for Mac file.

Step 6. Press the Export button to finish.

converted OLM files

Done. The utility itself launches the place containing converted OLM files, or PST files, after the conversion is finished.

To immediately backup Outlook for Mac to another format, go here.

Golden features are available for your use!

After installing the tool on your machine, you can enjoy its fantastic and unusual features. Here are some of the tool’s key characteristics:-


Final Words

Finally, the article has all the information needed to export Outlook Mac Mail to PST. the process to efficiently complete the work. Here, I’ve covered every manual way for exporting emails from Outlook for Mac to PST format. Use one of the techniques to complete the task. However, the best option for completely exporting Outlook Mac Mail is always to try out a third-party tool. To finish the task, no additional software or online resource is needed.