How to unlock Android Pattern Lock?


Hi, Guys! How are you I am fine? hope you are also well. Do you forget your android mobile password or pattern or any system lock, and now you are trying to recover or bypass? Do you want to unlock pattern of your android phone? –  Which you have forgotten the drawn pattern. Today, I’ll show you how to unlock pattern of Android Phone. So, read this full article from the beginning to the end. I also made a separate video for you. just read on.

Unlock Android Pattern Lock


Android is a popular mobile operating system of Google. Now a day’s maximum people use Android mobile phone. Because maximum people like the suitable interface and features of Android devices. Android is an open source operating system, anyone can develop an app for their Android devices. For this, maximum smart phone or tab or tablets manufacturers are building a device for Android. I think you also use an Android smart phone because you are reading this post.

The security system of Android is very good. And pattern lock is a new feature of Android. But if you forgot the drown pattern then you will be unable to open your phone. And I will show you how to unlock Android pattern lock.

How to unlock Android Pattern lock?

Step 1: At first Power off your phone.

Step 2: Press (Volume Up button + Home Key + Power button) jointly.

Step 3: Choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset option (use volume up and down key to change the option and use Home key to apply it. If the Home key does not work then use power button instead of a home key.). It will take few seconds. After few seconds it will reboot/restart automatically. If does not reboot or restart automatically then choose reboot option or you can reboot it manually by pressing the power button.

Step 4: Setup your phone.

Note: All data will be erased from phone memory after resetting your phone. No data will be erased from external memory card. All saved contacts will be erased from phone memory.

Watch the video tutorial…

Method 2 : How To Recover Your Android Mobile Forgotten Password 

If your Android device is earlier than version 5.0, then after forgetting the code of lock screen, but the option of lock screen bypass has been stopped in the Android 5.0.

So, the previous trick does not work in the modern device. Just keep entering the wrong password, then an option will come after some time “Forgot Pin” or “Forget Pattern”- then in here you provide the username and password and bypass the lock screen.

NOTE: You can never bypass your device without the Google Username or password if there is no security hole in your device.

Android System Recovery:-

However, you can easily remove the password/pattern/pin through the factory reset. But, after resting the factory you can log in from different Google account.

Android System recovery

Yes, password bypass is possible. But, bypassing the password is not possible until he or she will know all of these. But if someone thinks of physically accessing your device and bypassing the password, no one can stop it. Only encryption can protect your files and data of your computer. So, please encrypt data in computer or mobile.

Last Words:-

Hope you like this article about How to unlock Android Pattern Lock and Android System Recovery. If you still have any issue related to this article you may leave your comment below. We will try to solve your question as soon as possible. Thanks for Reading.

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