How to Perform an Audit on Your Competitor’s App the Right Way?


People who are business-savvy always take adequate time and invest in analyzing the current market as well as the existing competitors before setting out to develop and subsequently launch a new product. It is quite unfortunate that several startups quickly rush through or simply skip the initial research. In most cases, they just perform a competitor’s mobile audit that is very basic by downloading only a few similar apps and then make a comparison. The conducted audits rarely incorporate an in-depth analysis of the competitors’ app designs, monetization strategies, and security features. They also fail to take time and figure out the target audience for the app as well as ways on how to approach them in order to obtain the best results.

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Aspects Analyzed in an Ideal Mobile App Audit

The factors put into consideration include the brand and target audience, the marketing campaign, and the user experience as well as technical performance.

How to Carry out a Competitor’s App Audit

Once you have highlighted your main competitors in the market, focus on the following important aspects: the core function as well as the target audience. You also have to consider how your app will stand out among the competitors’ apps.

Mobile App Audit
Mobile App Audit

Note that apart from having a feature-rich mobile product you also have one main feature or alternatively a combination of features meant to set it apart. For instance, a scenario where the app’s main feature is image editing. If the target audience is teenagers, they may also want to have funny frames and filters at their disposal. If the target customers are professional photographers then they may need a photo editing tool that is professional and powerful.

To conduct an efficient audit you will have to not only include a big list of the direct competitors, but also a wider app selection. Study the leaders in the market and try figuring out what made their mobile apps gain immense popularity. Take the bold step of getting a broader look at how various mobile app ideas that have similarities are being implemented in other countries.

Determining the “Auditable” Information

Here you have to make a decision regarding the competitor’s products that need to be audited. Also, consider the marketing mix i.e. the four P’s of marketing namely: Product, Price, Place factors and the Promotion aspect for this will help in structuring stage of your audit.

Auditable Information
Auditable Information


First, you need to get to know what your competitor’s app offers or sells to its target customers. Identify whether it is a service or product. Seek to find out if other varieties exist or it is just one product. Determine what the brand name portrays about the product and the target audience, its unique/major selling point, and its strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis).


Take time to extensively study the monetization models possessed by your competitor as well as get to learn the core source of revenue. Determine the price of your competitor’s app and make a comparison to see if it is concurrent with the current market average price or if it is below or above it. In case it is higher than those of others giving similar service, try figuring the additional value proposition that justifies this higher price.


You need to also look into the competitor’s channels of acquiring as well as retaining the users. Put into consideration all the available channels of distribution. Assess how the competitors ensure their apps are accessible — does the app have a designated landing page, its design, and the geographical location of the services. Also, pay attention to app reviews by the competitors.


It is prudent to also find out the existing connection between competitors and the target consumes and how effective is the created connection. Determine the methods used by competitors when communicating with their audience. Thoroughly analyze the competitor’s content marketing strategies and social media.

App Promotion
App Promotion

Additional Information

You also have to closely monitor the type of content posted by your competitors and how often it is posted. It is also wise to monitor the campaigns carried out and various social media interactions. Do not be reluctant to seek the aid of professional mobile app development in Dubai company in case you need support and proper guidance on how to perform audits of the competitors’ apps the right way.