Now Send or Receive Money through Gmail (Google Wallet)


Now, Google Wallet available for sending or receiving money. Now, you can send or receive money from your Google account or Gmail account or Google Wallet account. In case you’re in the US, you can trade cash with loved ones rapidly and securely utilizing Google Wallet. You can likewise do this specifically from Gmail.

On the off chance that it’s you are the first time to send, getting, or asking for cash, you may need to check your character. Once you’ve checked your personality, any cash somebody sends you will naturally go into your Wallet Balance.

How to Send or Receive Money with Gmail?

send money with gmail

Trading cash/Exchanging money is free, and most exchanges are finished inside of 2 business days.

receive money with gmail

How to Send or Receive Money Through Gmail?

#1: First, you’ve to create a Google Wallet account with your Google ID or Gmail ID. You know, one account – all of Google.

#2: Write your address properly. (Must use the real name and address). And verify your address.

#3: Add a credit card or debit card to send and receive money.

add debit card to google wallet

Done! Now, you will be able to send or receive money with your Gmail Account.

You can send or receive $10,000 USD  per transaction and a total limit of $50,000 USD per 5 day period.

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Can I send money from INDIA with my Gmail account (Google Wallet)?

No, you can’t. This feature only available for US and UK users.

You can also create a Paypal ID to send or receive money all over the world. What is Paypal? How to create a PayPal account?.

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