How to find out hidden files easily in Windows?


Find out everything which is hidden. Hiding file is a common matter. It can be personal or some else. People need to hide because they want to hide their secret from others. For controlling the children to play PC games, many people hide their games. Sometimes we need to hide some important things. But, many times it is not possible to get when we need. Then we face the problem. So, today I came with one Software for them. Through that Software, you will get your all hidden files easily.

Hidden Files Finder for Windows

The name of this Software: Hidden File Tool

Click here to download Hidden File Tool

Find out everything which is hidden.


·         Very fast search for Hidden, System, Read-Only and Archvie files

·         Filter the file with extension

·         Easily change the Attributes of files/folder

#1 At first, you have to browse the folder where the files are hidden.

browse folder

#2 Entering into Filter you have to find that file with Extension name. Like (.png, .jpg, .avi, mp4, mp3, .zip, .rar, .mov etc)

If you want to find different types of files then (*.*) or keep it same.

#3 You have to select the types of files like (Hidden, System, Read only, Archive).

#4 If you have completed all, then you have to click on the search button.

#5 There is a stop button in below to stop searching…

#6 You can delete also that hidden files if you want.


To download this Software from CNET, please click here.

To give any suggestion, please don’t forget to comment. You can contact with me whenever you need.

Thank You!

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