10 Wonderful Works which you can do with Facebook messenger


Is Facebook messenger only for just? This app has been updated since 2011 after coming this app into the market.

The Magic in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

There are 13 wonderful features in Facebook messenger which are very difficult to realize these. It is just a game for those who are teksavvy.

#1 Have you been trapped in somewhere? Do you want to give your location? Just press location icon.

#2 Do you want to give your own name to your friends? It is possible. If you go Notification then you will get the “Nickname” option. The rest of the thing is very easy.

#3 Do you want to play chess game? Go to the chat box and type @fbchess.

#4 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has managed, by providing the boarding pass in Facebook messenger. You will also get the information of flight in the Facebook messenger app.

#5 By using the Facebook messenger you make a payment as your friend. You choose the payment option by click on 3 dots. For the first time of payment, you have to connect with the debit card.

#6 You can change the colour of the conversation. In contact you will get the “Change Colour” option.

#7 Is your friend’s mood off? Do you want to make your friends’ good mood? Go to chat option and type @dailycute. See what happens!

#8 Suppose, you chat with your friend on messenger and is criticizing your husband or wife to your friend. You may go out and your husband or wife has watched your chats. Then, do you think what will be happened? Go to the settings option and off the Notifications Preview.

#9 Once you send your friend Basketball imoji and then you play the basketball together.

#10 And finally, without any Facebook account, you can use the Facebook messenger. After installing messenger you log in with your phone number.

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Biswajit Das
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