Make a fake file in any size and any format in Windows PC

There are many invisible features in windows operating system which I don’t know.

I will show in this tune how to make a fake file in windows operating system in any format and in any size. With this trick you can make an audio file, like MP3, WAV or video file like MP4, AVI, and MKV etc. And more format of any size.

Do you know how to create a fake file in any size and any format in Windows PC?


With a MB file, you will fill your friend’s pen drive 20 GB.

You can enjoy with your friends.

How to do:

Clicking on windows button search by writing CMD. If it came then clicking on the right button of mouse, click on Run As Administrator.


If CMD is opened, then type like the picture in below.


·     Here “learninbangla” is the file’s name.

·     MP4 is your file format.

·     C:\ is your file directory means where you will save this file.

·     And 500000000 is your file size.

Here we are saving a file in create directory. You can change also if you want.

Yes, in this way you can make file of any size and any format.

Thank you….

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