Lotus Temple – New Delhi, India


Lotus temple is one of the most popular attractions of New Delhi. As we all know that lotus temple has a beautiful architecture and great historical importance. I know that everybody wants to know the history behind this temple. Here in this article, I am going to tell you about the historical importance of lotus temple.

Lotus Temple

 Lotus Temple

Location: Lotus Temple Road, Near Kalkaji, New Delhi

Location Map of Lotus Temple

Location Map of Lotus TEmple

Perfect time to Visit: Winter (December to February)

Why is this temple known as Lotus temple?

Many people said that this temple looks like a lotus in shape and because of its known as lotus temple. But this is the half-truth. Lotus is a symbol of love and purity. It gives the message of immortality. And because of this Bahai temple is designed like a lotus flower and it is known as lotus temple.

Significance and information about Lotus Temple:

The temple is famous in the world for its architecture. This awesome architecture was built by Persian architect Fariborz Sahba from Canada. Marble, cement, dolomite and sand were used in the construction of lotus temple. If you look this temple from the top view, it looks like half-opened lotus temple. Construction of this architecture takes 10 years to complete. More than 700 people are there who have worked in the construction of this temple. This team includes engineers, technicians and workers. Outside of this temple, there are 9 reflecting pools. This temple has nine doors. White marble is used in the construction of this temple and because of this beauty of temple is increased. The height of lotus temple is 40 meters. There is no idol of any kind here, nor is any religious activity performed. Here various holy articles related to different religions are read. In India, the lotus flower is considered a symbol of purity and peace. The lotus flower also teaches to stay clean in blossoming in the mud. The atmosphere of this temple is worthy of calm and meditation. Every day, about 8-10 thousand visitors from the different country and abroad come here. The temple was inaugurated on 24 December 1986. But this temple was opened on January 1, 1987, for the general public. People also read books of religion and also come to study them in the worship of the temple.

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My Last Words: Lotus Temple is an important landmark in India. I hope you enjoyed reading about this wonderful architecture.

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Lotus Temple
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lotus-temple-new-delhiLotus Temple is famous in the world for its architecture.