Tourist Spots in Begusarai District [Bihar, India]


Begusarai is one of the popular districts in the state of Bihar. It also famous as an industrial capital of Bihar. The district is located on the bank of Ganga River. It derived its name from Begum Sarai, who was a beautiful queen of Bhagalpur. Begusarai is also popular for renowned Ramdhari Singh, who was a famous Hindi poet. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Begusarai District. Naulakha Temple, Jai Mangla Temple, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, Simaria Mela, Harsai Stupas, Radhe Shyam Temple, Panch Mandir, Begusarai Museum, Kabar Jheel, Ajatshatru Fort these all places are the major attraction of Begusarai District. You can visit any time in this beautiful destination but winter is the best time to visit Begusarai District.

Location Map of Begusarai District

Location Map of Begusarai District

Let’s have a look at the best Tourist Spots in Begusarai District [Bihar, India]

Naulakha Temple:

Naulakha Temple in Begusarai district

Naulakha Temple is one of the ancient temples of Begusarai district. According to the history, it is said that this temple was built by Mahanth Deer Das in 17 century. After the destroying original temple, the new temple was reconstructed in 1952 by Mahanth Mahavir Das. Now, this temple is a famous pilgrim centre. Thousand number of devotees come here to complete their worship.

Jai Mangla Temple:

Jai Mangla Temple- Begusarai

Jai Mangala Temple is one of the popular religious places in Begusarai district. The temple always filled up with local devotees. Mainly local devotees regularly come here to complete their prayer. This temple is dedicated to goddess Mangal, another name of Mata Parvati. Navaratri and Deepavali are the major festivals of this place. During this time many visitors from far away to come here to celebrate the festivals.

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary:

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place for all nature lovers. This lake is considered as Asia’s largest freshwater lake. This bird sanctuary spreading over an area of 67.5 Square kilometres (approx).  More than 100 species of birds are currently present in this sanctuary and every year in winter season many migratory birds from different places come here to spend their expensive time in this sanctuary. Actually, this sanctuary was established to preserve the Biodiversity. The major species of this Lake Sanctuary including White backed vulture, long billed vulture, darter Anhinga, painted stork, spotted eagle etc.

Simaria Mela:

Devotees in Simaria Mela

Simarai Mela is a popular attraction for every visitors in Begusarai district. Every year here a beautiful fair arranged by the government of Bihar for gathering all people together. This fair is not only a gathering, it is a tradition which comes from past many years.

Harsai Stupas:

Harsai Stupas is a great historical attraction situated in Begusarai district. The beautiful architecture of ancient Harsai stupas attracts many visitors.

Radhe Shyam Temple:

Radhe Shyam Temple

The temple of Radhe Shyam is an important attraction of every devotee. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. Inside the temple, the beautiful idol of goddess attracts tourist’s eyes, that’s why this temple always filled up with many devotees.

Panch Mandir:

Panch Mandir is one of the ancient temples in Begusarai district. It is situated near to the Radhe Shyam Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shivalinga in the temple belongs to the Pala period. Mahashivratri is the major festival of this temple.

Begusarai Museum:

Inside the Begusarai Museum

Once upon a time, Begusari was a beautiful heritage house but in the year of 1981, it was converted into a museum. Now, it is maintaining by the government of Bihar. Mainly this museum is famous for the historical importance. The museum has a huge collection of antic materials, such as stone sculptures, coins etc. Other attractions of this museum including stone sculptures of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, the sun god, manuscripts, painting and terracotta, which belongs to  Pal Period.

Kabar Jheel:

Kabar Jheel- Begusarai disterict of Bihar

Kabar Jheel is also known as Kabar Lake. It is Asia’s largest oxbow lake.  Many visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty of this Jheel. This site is also popular as an idol picnic spot. If you come to visit in this place, then you can see various types of birds.

Ajatshatru Fort:

Ajatshatru Fort in Begusarai district

Ajatshatru Fort is one of the major historical importance in Begusarai district. The ancient Ajatshatru Fort was constructed in the 6th century by Ajatshatru, who was the son of King Bimbisar and most powerful king of Magadha. The Fort was an important defended fort, but now, most of the parts of this fort are ruins. The unique structure of this ruins fort attracts many history lovers.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing destinations in Begusarai District, which I have already mentioned.

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Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary
Naulakha Temple
Kabar Jheel:
Ajatshatru Fort
Begusarai Museum
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tourist-spots-in-begusarai-district-bihar-indiaThere are a lot of places to visit in Begusarai District. Among these tourist spots, you can visit amazing places as well as Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, Kabar Jheel, Radhe Shyam Temple, Begusarai Museum and Ajatshatru Fort.