Let’s take Auto Follower and Auto Friend Request and you become the Facebook Celebrity (Mega Post)


Nowadays, so many Facebook users will want to become Facebook Celebrity, and want so many likes, comments and followers. So many people do not know that what is Facebook Celebrity? Let’s take a look.


What is Facebook Celebrity?

Facebook Celebrity is those whose have so many followers, so many friends and in whose Facebook Status, Profile Picture and in others so many Facebook activities so many like, comments and other Facebook activities fall.

How can i take auto follower and auto friend request on my Facebook ID?

The easy process of Facebook Celebrity is to increase the Facebook followers. For this, the Facebook auto follower is required. There are so many auto follower sites, but most of that do not provide safety. So, I am introducing an Auto follower site with you guys. The name of the site is Autofollower.ga. From here, if you take Auto Follower or Auto friend Request, the no spam will be occurred. I am giving you a 100% guarantee. Taking Auto Follower or Auto Friend request from here, the number of the follower will increase into the 2.4K.

I will give with a tutorial.

First of all, you have to go this address: http://www.autofollower.ga/ 

Collect Access Token from Get Access Token bar and paste it into the Token box of the Login Bar of Home Page and click on the Login button.


After coming to the dashboard page, you click on your desired button or you click on the Auto Follower or Auto Adder.


After that, after opening a new page, click on the Get Followers or Get Adders. After giving the follower or friend request, the word “Success” will show in below. Now, click on the “Log Out” button.


Now, go to the Facebook and you watch that the number of your followers has increased. In this every process, if you take 8-10 times, then the number of followers will increase into the 5 thousands.

If I make any mistakes, then pardon me. Please leave comments after reading my article.