Kotlin: A New Era of Android App Development


Kotlin is cross-platform, built with general-purpose and statically typed programming language with type inference. The language is used to build applications for cross-platforms.

Also, kotlin is developed in Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Moreover, it can compile with the Javascript Source code. You can always approach any Android app development company. They will surely help you in the long run.

Java has contributed a lot in building Android applications, and that contribution has made this programming language mature and senior.

Developers are well-versed with Java as a programming language, and they know its pros and cons very well.

The oldest programming language sometimes makes the task tedious, and that is the reason Kotlin has taken over the market and made the developer’s life easier.

Benefits Of Kotlin Programming Language

Benefits of Kotlin

  • Requires Less Coding:

Kotlin requires less coding as compared to other programming languages specifically built for Android App Development.

Also, if you want to figure out the number, then it requires around 20% less comparison than Java.

Earlier, the app programmers had to write the code, but after the launch of kotlin, that amount of time was saved. The time was then invested in the important areas of app development.

Kotlin app development became the preferred programming language for building applications specifically for the Android operating system. Thus, making the execution of app development effective and amazing.

  • Easy to Learn:

Kotlin is easy to learn, and anyone with a few hours of reading and understanding the language could easily get an idea about the language.

Unlike Android O, which requires a lot of time to learn the language, kotlin is powerful and easy to learn and adapt.

  • Safe:

Kotlin can help avoid errors. It can save you from NullPointExceptions. It saves you from operating in nullable types even by mistake.

Kotlin is a trustworthy programming language to craft an android application. So, it Prevents Mobile App From Stealing Data.

You can contact and Hire Android App Developer to build a highly-intuitive application that can target Android users and reach the maximum audience.

  • Interoperability:

One of the significant features of Kotlin is that it can work parallelly with its elder brother version Java on the same project.

The app development using Kotlin & Java is so similar that it becomes difficult to say which area of the project was using which technology.

Interoperability is the main reason that allows Kotlin to use its features & ease of operations without changing the project or codes for new projects.

  • Free of Cost:

Kotlin is an open-source programming language that doesn’t require an investment in utilizing the language.

Anyone can use this language to build an android application and extract its advanced features.

The developers can start using this programming language by using a Java-to-Kotlin converter that converts your Java files.

It converts complex codes to simpler form without compromising quality and saving a lot of time.


Kotlin is proven to one of the effective supporters of Android Studio.

Kotlin has taken Android App Development one step ahead in the world of the app industry.

Kotlin has numerous features, and that stands out different from others, and with the help of kotlin, one day, everybody will start accepting this new technology.

Soon it will replace the traditional programming language.

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