Know about the few best world records in the era of information technology. Which will fascinate everyone!!


Greeting to everyone of the The Mental Club community, I’m starting today’s tune. I think I don’t need to introduce newly with information technology. Because at present there is the worn out condition of the whole world for the blessings and using of information technology. One technology is coming then another technology is going. So it is said that magic touch is continuing of technology. Anyway, we know that, in present any subject, which is in technology or out of technology then to record in the world, that name raises mainly in Guinness Book. Like: the world’s fastest man, the highest building, wonder weeks and the deepest place etc.

Some Best Records In The World.

Guinness World Records

Anyway, we will not discuss with all these matters of Guinness. Rather, we will discuss about world record in case of information technology made. But it is said from the side of information technology, in which way one after one progress has been achieved in the house of hardware and software, in that these records will be staying long days, that can’t be said. Another record has possessed of a record very soon. Then at this time let’s be introduced with some world record in some case of technology.

#1. World record of playing video games continuously:

One British citizen has claimed of a new world record of playing mine craft video games of famous Microsoft continuously. That British citizen’s name is Jo Kelli and he is a resident of Cheltenham area of Britain. He has played mine craft video games of software Giant Microsoft continuously 35 hours, 35 minutes and 35 seconds. The present record of playing video games continuously is of Martin Forenlightner of Austria. He had made a world record of playing video games of 24 hours 10 minutes continuously in 2011.


Almost 36 hours playing video games of Jo Kelli has been published live by video streaming service YouTube. Jo Kelli has a foundation of making cinema. In spite of this, he is a background singer. He had given 1800 euro of received from games for cancer research. From 2010, he used to play mine craft video games. At that time, he used to start playing of buying a predevelopment version of the games. Microsoft has sold 54 million copies of famous video games around the world.

#2. Microsoft’s world record in the Guinness book:

In case of technology, external face is not everything. Let’s suppose of important thing like audio. And for this Microsoft has made an international audio lab in their headquarter Redmond, Washington.


Personal assistant software Cortana is depending on the good quality audio of many interesting things. Lee shale Munro, Microsoft Surface Devise’s Senior Engineer said, for working in all these systems, materials, needs of good quality from starting Microphone to speaker. Just not making lab, but also making App Fest for windows 8 in 2012, the name of this foundation raises in the Guinness book. And for this they have made the calmest place of this world. This chamber has already possessed the place of world record in the Guinness book.

#3. IPhone maker Apple made a world record of profit:

In the world’s history, US technology company Apple has made a new record of highest profit.


IPhone and I6 manufactured company has said, in three months of last year, they had made profits of total 1800 crore dollar. California based company has said that selling record of IPhone is the reason of this. Till to 27th December of 2014, at the time three months, they have sold IPhone 7 crore 45 lakhs. Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook has said, the demand of IPhone is surprising. The sales market has exceeded analysts expectations. But iPod sales of Apple has disappointed this time also. Last year the sale of this has decreased almost 18%.

#4. Only in 5 years old, Ayan made a world record in the exam of a computer:

Only in 5 years old, Ayaan Qureshi has surprised the whole world by getting the certificate of Microsoft from Birmingham University of Britain. In the management of Microsoft, from several countries with choosing infants, in the exam of computer related and passing with honors Ayaan made world record. It has been known that, this Pakistani ancestry child has possessed the medal of the best younger computer professional of this moment. This child is a resident of London expatriate Coventry and his father is an IT Consultant in the profession. Normally there are many practices very much of technology in their house. His claim, sitting from home only in 5 months he has learned software, hardware and installing program.


After getting certificates from Microsoft, younger computer master Ayaan has told to the BBC in an interview, though the exam is very tough but it was funny to him. He has enjoyed that matter very well. He has said, he has a wish that becoming elder, he will make a technical hub in Britain.

#5. World record of sending daughter’s message to her father in the space:


Stefani is a resident of Texas and her father is an astronaut. Most of his time spend in Naca’s Space Station. There is the no way of calling his daughter or sending SMS in the house. Now how will daughter tell his father that “I Love You”? So daughter decided that, she will send to his father such a message which draws in the earth, but it will be seen from the Space. That time would Stefani know, this message will raise her name in the Guinness Book of world record? Message written by daughter, which has been read from the Space also, so 13 years old Stefani went with Hyundai Car to the dry lake of the Nevedar DE lama.


She wrote by raising a storm in car’s wheel in that lake, “I Love You Dad”. 11 Sedan cars helped Stefani. This message of 59 million square feet has been read from also Naca’s Space Station. Till today this is the biggest drawing messenger picture with help of tier in the world’s history.

#6. The fastest desktop computer processor:


Intel made CoreI7 is the fastest desktop processor of this moment. It can run in 4.00 gigahertz speed. It has performed better 40% than previous Intel processor. But in case of overclocked CPU, FenomX4 of AMD has made a record of speed.

#7. The biggest wireless internet service provider:


DoCoMo of Japan has possessed this world record. At this moment, the number of their service recipient is 4.5 crore, which is obviously a Guinness world record. In 2006, DoCoMo wears crown of the world’s first wireless internet service provider, there still exist till now. Their wireless provider name is I-mode.

#8. Which concert has been seen the most in internet?


In 2001, almost 1 crore 10 lakhs men saw an MSN webcast concert of Microsoft through the internet. This is also a Guinness world record. This record has existed still now from last 9 years. Direct this video is shown from and

#9. The biggest data warehouse:


In 2008, Cibes IQ Analytics Sever had possessed the record in Guinness Book as the biggest data warehouse of the world. Their preserves 1 petabyte input data in this data warehouse on the server running. 1 petabyte is equal to 1,000,000 gigabyte, which has to write in Math as 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. There are preserved 6 trillion rows transactional data and 185 million documents in this data ware.

#10. The biggest communication satellite:

The biggest communication satellite

The biggest communication satellite of the world is Terrester satellite- 1. This is launched on the Space in this year. Aim is- service allowance of mobile broadband network. The weight of the satellite is almost 7 thousand KG, there is an antenna of 18 meter lengths in it which sends in gigahertz spectrum.

#11. The biggest power special media switch:


Steel box Digital Matrix Storage Switch 3000, it can work together with 512 MPEG 4 video speed, in the speed of 1.5 GBPS. This is used for video surveillance. Situated only one center cabinet, this media switch can control load automatically for the needs to perfect its performance.

#12. The lightest mobile phone:


The lightest mobile phone of the world is Modu. Where famous IPhone’s weight of Apple is 135 grams, there Modus weight is only 40 grams. Only 2.8 inches length and 1.4 width related Modu is the smallest mobile also of the world. This phone has 2 gigabytes built-in flash memory. Its skin size is 1.3 inches.


We are on the verge of discussion. In the above discussion, which topics I have reviewed, all of that has possessed the place in the Guinness Book record. Within that, several records still exist there, but left records may have covered in the behind of the new record. Actually to earn a place in any subject in Guinness Book record, such up-down is a main topic. Because today’s which thing has earned top position, in the next or future mentioned thing or category passes or overcomes previous record then first thing will go to bottom and present thing will go to the top. Anyway, this issue is not main, thing is once a name raises in Guinness book then it will be uttered once. So from the aforesaid tech review, I think, although some recorded things in Guinness book will surprise us.

At last I’m concluding today. Take care…

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