Do You Know that Speed Booster App, RAM Booster App, Memory Cleaner, C-Cleaner Apps is harmful for the phone?


Friends, do you know that the apps in Play Store claim that they boost your RAM in your phone, boost your memory, or boost your speed: these kind of apps are never being used by us. Because, these apps may harm your phone. I am really not joking with you. Please read my article and I will tell you that why these apps are so harmful for your phone?

Some Cleaner Apps that really harmful for our Android Smart Phone?

Cleaner Apps For Android

How the Speed Boost App is harmful for your phone?

Speed Boost App

Before discussing this topic, I will tell you guys that so many mails and messages have come to my phone and ask me that for boosting the RAM or for boosting the speed, which app is the perfect one? I answer them that there is no require to use this app for boosting the speed. You use your phone just like in a normal way. You download your necessary software. There is no required to use this kind of bad app. There is no require to give the excess load on your phones. Your phone will continue successfully.

Do you ever notice that those who are the famous tech reviewers, they never give advice to use speed boost apps. I never use the speed boost app or RAM boosting app or speed boosting app on my phone. And there is no require to install it and I will tell you that what is this reason?

Let’s have a look. I am trying to clear it by using the real example. Suppose, there is a shop. And the system of that shop that if you want to buy something from that shop, then you must go to the counter and the owner of the shop will go deliver the product. In this situation, when a customer comes into the shop, the owner of the shop will deliver the product from his RAM. In this same process, when another customer comes into the shop, then the owner of the customer delivers his/her desired products. In the evening, the owner of the shop realizes that which product is more demanding. In the very next day, he installs a RAM in his shop and he keeps his demanded products into the RAM. Then, he delivers the products very fast to the customers.

Now, you relate the story with your real life. Now, the shop is the storage of your phone. Shop RAM is the RAM on your phone and the owner of the shop is the processor of your phone. As a story, your processor performs less work when your usable apps store in the RAM. But, if your Ram cleans again and again, then the processor has to go to the storage.

Now let’s bring the story a little twist. Suppose, a little boy comes and tells that “Sir, I want to work in your shop without any remuneration and I want to learn, work and I will clean the shop.” At this stage, the owner of the shop says that “Don’t worry. You work in my shop and also clean my shop.” Then, in the very next day, the boy comes into the shop and keeps the product into the RAM and returns the product into the other shelf.

So, in this story, the work boy is the Speed Boost Apps or RAM Cleaner App. The Speed Boost App must clear your RAM, but practically, it makes the performance of your phone difficult. Just like, the little boy makes the work of the owner difficult. Similarly, your battery will corrosion if your phone performs any new tasks. For accessing files again and again from the storage, it will take huge loading time for opening it. But, if the app data already available in RAM, then it loads fast and then there is no need to decay the processor.

Friends, you already understand that how to perform the application of your phone? How to work RAM on your phone? And, now you also understand that the little boy is not required who will clean your shop without any remuneration. However, there are so many friends who do not like to keep moving the apps in the background. They like to enter in the recent app and waste their time 2-3 hours of swapping. By using it, the ability of your phone and battery life will reduce, believe me. If there is any app at background, that is not so harmful. Because, if you use it again, then for presenting this, the processor will have a less work. Now, you will watch the fast opening. But, if the app takes to load from the primary stage and the data will load into RAM, and again the processor wants to process it newly, then what would be happened? You just imagine it.

So friends, by using the Speed Boost apps or RAM cleaner, you clean your apps. So, please stop this. As a result, a negative effect will fall on your phone. You just use your phone as a normal way, then these kind of software do not require. Let’s know that if you use android phone or any operating systems, then this operating system knows that how to manage RAM? When the Operating system of your phone needs, then the RAM will clean up and load by itself. So, you don’t need to install such kind of apps.

So why the millions of users, use the Speed Boost Apps? 

millions-of-users (2) (1)

Now, you can tell me that you appreciate all my logic, but there are sop many apps in the Play store from there so many users download apps. Why do they use it? Let’s know: The main reason of downloading this software is that marketing. When you open the Facebook or any website, then so many advertises come in front of the users and ask question that “Is your phone running slow?” Then, the customer reply that yes. Then they click on the advertisement and download this app automatically. In this way, the app is marketing in all over the world. They ask this type question: are you getting mad for running slow on your phone? Download this app and it makes your phone fast”. They every users download this app for running fast on their phones. But, they exactly decay their phones by using and downloading this kind of app.

Personally, I have watched that by using these apps, so many users make themselves as a bad habit. Users use the latest phones. But, they touch the on the icon just like a rocket and the rocket clean the phone. So many users use the rocket after finishing the work on their phone.

Last Words:

So, friends, it is my unrest request that you never use the Speed Boost Cleaner, C Cleaner, and RAM Cleaner Apps etc. You already understand that why these are so harmful for us. Because, these will feel a negative effect on your phones. Hopefully, this article is very funny and you have known an important thing. Please, leave your comments.

Thank You…..