In which way you will understand your Blog domain is second hand or not


Those we blogs, sure they buy a top level custom domain for their blog or website and then we start to blog  or website. Now watch when you go to buy any domain, that time you have to check that what domain you want to buy, whether it is free or not, that means your domain has bought anyone before you. Anyway, if that is free then buy that, but I will say know that’s old history before buying that, that means whether anyone has used domain before you’re using. Actually, this is an important subject for a blog. Suppose, which domain you have bought if someone use before and search engine catches him and if it is happened same with you then your site can face losses. Anyway, I tell you a fact whips is happened to me- before some days I bought a new domain for the mobile type site but that time I bought that without checking. After that, when I checked, I understood that my domain has been used before as a site. Now you think. Anyway, I think it is an important matter. So, let’s take a look how will check or understand that anyone has used or not your domain or how will you understand your blog domain is second hand or not?

How would you understand that your Blog domain is second hand or not?


How will you understand your Blog Domain is second hand or not?

Go first in this link – Now going to this link, you will get there that box and give your name domain name in that box. In this way, get then press enter from keyword. Wait just a minute.


After pressing enter, watch a little bit later, you will see many options like calendar and several years of upper.


Which date or which year you have bought in your blog, you will see all like upper picture. If you buy your domain in 2014 then you will see that year will show you a pole firm like upper picture. And if you see, you have bought in 2014 but the pole has been shown in the year 2000 or 2001 or any other previous year then you will understand that someone has used your domain i.e. You have used a second hand. Then from there you will see before what the site of that year and all like the picture in below. It will be easy to understand if you see the picture below.


If someone has been used before buying your domain, then it will come like upper picture. After then click on that and you will see all the details that who have brought or who used to use this. I hope you have understood that.