In which way income will increase from Adsense


There is the technique for increasing income from Google Adsense is “Adsense optimization”. There are many techniques to do this. High Cost Per Click (CPC) and Clock Through Rate (CTR) are effected between this. Between this if you give importance then you will get profit. There is also so much expression in advertisement in the blog but the blog of CPC brings more income than CTR.

How to increase Adsense income?

Google Adsense

#1. Subject of Writing:

Subject of Writing

You have to write with those matters, which inspires the reader’s mind. So reader searches what type of subject in internet, before writing that you have to get the concept. For this connection will be done directly with readers. Good content gets importance in search engine. UK and UK users have interest, if you select that type of subject, then you will get better results. Because Google evaluates so much if these two country search. For this the quantity of income increases.

#2. Rank of Page:


Through page rank it understands how much data has been hyperlinked in WWW (World Wide Web). A page is how much important in the internet, according to that rank Google allocates. When one page is connected with second another page, then its relevance understands with other page. If the link is so more of the site than importance increases to Google. Generally rank is allocated from 1 to 10 pages. If site’s rank is 5 or more than it, then Google will give advertisement of High CPC. For this income will increase a few times than normal.

#3. Ad Review Centre: 

There is a department with the name of “ad review center” in Google Adsense. Here it is seen how much income is there from which type of advertisement. If there is less income from any department, then you can block that. In this case it is not right to block the main theme of the site. Like- if ‘technology’ is the subject of site, then you can block ‘dating’, ‘politics’, ‘religion’ etc. department. For this CPC and Adsense will increase the income of site.

#4. Competitive Ad Filter: 

There is a department with the name of “Competitive Ad Filter” in Google Adsense like to add review center. If you feel any advertisement is a competitor of your site, then it will block through “Competitive Ad Filter”. That means if technology is the subject of the site and if another site shows add here in same subject then that will be blocked. In this case a particular page of any domain will be blocked. In this way CPC increases.

#5. Ad Placement:

In which place you will set the ad in a website that is an important subject. Because the income of Adsense depends on location of the ad directly and indirectly. Set one ad between blog tune and other ad out of tune. In this case you can set the ad in the right below of tune’s title 336/280pixel. You can set another ad into tune 430/60 pixel. If you want to set ad more than it, then you can give ad on the right sidebar of the blog. But readers can get boar for more ad. So it is better for site related issues and limited ad.

#6. Place:

In case of increasing CPC, the best effective thing is placed or country. For example, Google gives for one click, 2 dollars from ad of the UK but from the same ad on Bangladesh Google gives per click 20-30 cent. Mainly you have to work by watching English speaking countries. It will work for your website page in case of increasing rank.

#7. Platform:

You have to choose platform where visitors have more. There is increasing of using internet in smartphone also juxtapose with desktop and laptop. If you use WordPress, then you can use plug-in like WP touch. These will make your website mobile friendly. For this you will ad also suitable for mobile screen. Many institutions give “Adword” ad to mobile users. For this Adsense will increase indirectly.

#8. The Importance of Traffic:

If a visitor comes in your blog from organic search and if they click on an ad, then you will get CPC of much quantity. So through search engine optimization give importance to increase search traffic in blog.

#9. Use of Adsense in Search:

Use Google Adsense in search box of Google. When visitor will search something in your blog, then ad of Adsense will show in below or beside on the base of results. If there visitor clicks, then income will increase.