Important Tips to Become a Proficient FullStack Developer


Do you dream of becoming a proficient FullStack Developer? Consider turning your dream into a reality as this profile will not only get you the money you deserve but help you get all the knowledge about technology and it’s recent trends!

Starting off with what exactly is being a Full Stack Developer and how it is different than being just a designer or developer

A Full Stack Developer, as the name suggests, is being someone who has thorough knowledge and understanding of technology and all its tools.

To be more specific, it is being comfortable in both, the back end and the front end technologies.

A full-stack developer works with web development tools, system administration, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and everything else.

You are only required to know the basic working of all these technical aspects. Being an expert in everything is appreciated but not necessary as the industry understands that it is highly unlikely to find all skills in one place.

Basically, it is being the jack of all, (here technical trades) and master of none! A Fullstack application development company hires those individuals who have professional as well as experienced full stack development knowledge.

Tips to become a proficient full stack developer

We believe you are already doing your research and hence, below are the top 6 tips to help you become a proficient Full Stack Developer!

  1. Be familiar with different programming languages
  2. Keep the basics clear!
  3. Master one skill
  4. Join a class
  5. Get practical exposure
  6. Practice, practice, practice!

Be familiar with different programming languages

As mentioned above, a Full Stack Developer needs to be comfortable with both backend and front end technologies.

So, it is necessary for one to learn programming languages that help you with both these technologies.

While HTML, JavaScript, and CSS help you with front end processes, PHP, SQL, Java, and Python can help you with back end processes.


Whether you are looking for an online course or joining an offline class, you will be taught at least one of these languages.

Make sure you have a command over any language one that will help you with back end and one for the front end processes.

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Python is the most recent, in-demand language that is sought after by any fullstack software development company in the industry today. Go to Git/GitHub to learn these skills online.

Keep the basics clear

Yes, it is important to keep adding new skills and get a hand on the latest trends in the industry to your skillset.

But if your fundamentals are clear, it will always be easier for you to learn new and complex skills and enhance the way you work.

Fullstack web development services not only mean to provide advanced and latest processes but having in-depth knowledge of the product and it’s technology.

By fundamentals, we mean HTML and JavaScript. These are found in about 99% of website applications.

To be a proficient fullstack developer, you need to have perfect knowledge of these basic processes and be absolutely comfortable working with them.

When you can program well, you can code well and vice versa. That is why, you should have a thorough knowledge of topics like programming technologies, algorithms, servers, web hosting and custom web development, databases and more.

Master one skill

So far we have talked about how you need to possess a lot of skills and knowledge about technology and it’s latest features.

While learning these, you will realize how vast the actual subject can be. But worry not! collect knowledge about almost everything related to fullstack development.

web application development is required, you’re not expected to be exceptionally good in all the skills.

However, it is important that you master one skill, and make it an identity of your work profile.

Look for skills that are high in demand and actually interest you. In today’s world, the competition in any industry is way too much and to survive through this while making good money and gaining experience, you must master certain skills that make you stand out.

Once you start learning more and more about technology, many options to specialize in will open up for you.

To master any skill might be difficult at first but with effort and experience, you can definitely achieve the expertise required.

Join a class

Technology grows every day. It is difficult to stay in touch with all the new trends and hence the fear of missing out on the latest advancements used in the industry kicks-in.

Fullstack application development requires you to know exactly what is going on in the industry and work using the on-going trends.

The best way to ensure that you’re not falling short of skills is to join a class or take up an online course. This makes the learning process easier and faster.

One thing to keep in mind while joining a class or taking up a course is to look for genuineness.

Today, a large number of courses are available online and offline. Make sure you do your research well and choose the best.

If possible, go for recognized and well-known platforms that provide certification. Codecademy, Treehouse is some good online platform for the same.

Look for courses that along with coaching provide mentoring by experts. Bottom-line, to be a proficient fullstack developer is to keep learning and up-skilling according to the market needs.

Get practical exposure

Once you are done with learning all the required skills and have a thorough knowledge of the technology, it’s time for you to get some practical exposure.

This can be a challenging task as shifting from theoretical learning to practical implementation of your knowledge is a difficult task.

But, the good thing is that as you start working on small projects, you will immediately understand where you are lacking. Make sure you work on improving it.

A few basic things to start working practically with all your skills and knowledge are to know how to structure code accurately, where to host large files, and ways to separate different files.

If you’ve joined a course, you will probably be given some assignments and projects to work on. This is the best way to start working practically.

You can also lookup for internships that will help you gain more experience. Most companies will look for skills and knowledge more than official educational qualifications. Try your luck!

Important Tips to Become a Proficient FullStack Developer

Practice, practice, practice

Above all, make sure you practice a lot! With experience comes expertise and it is necessary for you to have a great command over basics as well as the advancements that you’re working with.

Take up more assignments and projects, work on self-improvement and keep learning new skills while practising what you already know.

Few Final Words

Apart from high-end coding and programming skills, fullstack web app development also includes basic skills and knowledge about designing, for example, UX or UI design.

Also, make sure that you are familiar with at least two databases. Currently, MySQL and Oracle are the most popular databases from which you can start studying.

From all the elements of technology, you should know how each part works and put together everything to create a professional and efficient product.

Do not forget to work on your interpersonal skills like communication, time management, creativity and more. Only then can you become a proficient fullstack developer!

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