Human programming is the world’s most phenomenal programming


Hi!!! How are you? I am fine. Today, I am sharing another topic. The name of the topic is: Human programming is the world’s most phenomenal programming. 

Without cloths we can’t go out of our house, today, we can’t imagine that. But, this one was in the past of mankind and when they spent the day without clothes. Today, if the chain of your pant is less open, then you feel scared that does anybody not look it? But, in the past, it was just a normal matter. From the past, so many changes have occurred in the present.

Now, I come in the main topic. The programmers understand it clearly. Every hardware has some attitudes which are bound by some softwares. Let’s take an example of games for understanding it clearly. When, we are going to play games, then, that games have some conditions.

Now, I come in human language. But, yes, it is not such kinds of programming languages like PHP, ASP, VB, C, C++, C#, JAVA, or Net. But, it is a tough programming language. The scientists are still running behind these. If you watch the attitudes of mankind, then you watch two types of programming.  1. Gents Human Programming, 2. Ladies Human Programming.  Among these, two types of programs, you find at least 60% similarities in these two programs. As a result, they react same types of attitudes.

The subject will be cleared if we analysis it in detailed.



  1. Human programs that have been coding the people must be doing something every day. Eating everyday to activate his code. Or like going to sleep every day. These are used to activate the script superhuman code.
  2. Human Programming is changeable due to the environments of its surroundings. The human code creates just on the based on how a man is going to be a man from his childhood and how is its environment. Then, he or she behaves according to the script.
  3. When a mosquito bites a normal way then, we feel pain. Mosquito bites again exactly where the hand goes to the full in their own knowledge. Do you ask the question that why could not reach your hands in anywhere after bitten by mosquitoes? Because, as the program is set. When someone comes to kill you, you look back on in the usual way and you felt angry at that time. If anybody loves you, then you feel blessed. All lovers believe that their girlfriends are  the best woman in the world. But Why? This is the default code in humanities programming.
  4. Human Programming is used by thousand of variables. As a result of his work, he took a variety of different data resources. As a result, several people do the same job in different ways. He took the data as he provides the data.
  5. Emotion is the important part of the programming. Men are attracted by the women’s program. Changes occur in them.
  6.  The program is error. Yes, this is a difficult problem. It exists in all programs. If the code does not rightly execute, then the error shows in that. When the man is going to mad, then his or her brain codes does not execute properly. As a result, the error has made and do some reckless acts.

We have discussed some human programming. But, programming is the huge chapter. But I try to do this.


Thanking You, Guys!!!