There are all videos together of web design course of Basis


Skill for employment program of Basis and Bangladesh governor includes 23 thousand people and B.I.T.M has tried to skillful them technically, web design course is well known for that. Recently, many people have participated in that mentioned course. But who had wished to do it, but they can’t, today’s tune for them.

Do you know anything about the Web Designing course of Basis?


I had made a playlist for my use with video clips of web design, which has given by Basis. Suddenly, what I thought to share it with you. See by clicking this link that videos of 30 classes which has been finished some days ago.

This course has been decorated by which subjects, that’s are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap and in spite of this Media Query have also been discussed. If you have wish then you can give the opportunity to learn something new by sharing your videos.

I am giving this link again:

After copping this link paste it in the input box of the browser.

Oh! One more thing if you wish then you can registrant useful information for anyone that type of many courses, going to the web site of BITM.

Thank you.