How to transfer charge from a smartphone to other smartphones?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. After some days I presented in front of you with some new tricks.

Hack mobile’s charge of your friend and take that in your mobile


So let’s start it……

Today I will show you how to transfer friend’s mobile’s charge in your mobile:

Actually, we transfer several things in several times, but have we tried ever that, can be mobile’s charge transferred.

So let’s start main topic…..

Step 1: At first you will need an otg cable. And also a data cable. And obviously that 2 mobiles.


Step 2: 1. First connect both otg cable and data cable.


Step 3: Then which mobile you will charge, connect the data cable to that mobile.


Step 4: Now connect an otg cable to a victim’s mobile.


After connecting cable, if your mobile supports otg cable, then you will see a mobile charge is transferred.

Now if you want to give charge of victim mobile with your mobile then just make plugin opposite of otg and data cable.

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