How to use the “Picture in Picture” feature of YouTube in Google Chrome?


There is an official application of YouTube for smartphones, and if you have wish then keep that below part of the screen and swiping the running the video, you can easily browse a new video. This feature is called “Picture in Picture“. For this feature it is able to search video with playing other video. That’s why it has gained popularity to all. So now if I tell you that if you wish, that feature of the smartphone will be used by you in chrome browser of the computer. How it will be possible? Let’s go for it.

Activate the “Picture in Picture” feature of YouTube

picture in picture effect of youtube

At first, for that you have to add an extension YouTube Picture in Picture of Google Chrome in your chrome browser. So that primarily main work is finished.

picture in picture effect of youtube video

In which way it works:

Suppose, you have added the extension in chrome. Now going to YouTube and browsing video you can see that. Then at the time of seeing video if you write something in the YouTube search bar, then you will see running video have gone a corner of screen without close.

Watch YouTube videos in the corner while browsing the site, just like in the mobile apps.

Watch YouTube videos in the corner

There are 3 buttons on video which is situated at the corner. With the help of that you will control view of your video. To get more clear concept you can see video in below.

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