Find out thief’s picture and location with your lost smart phone with 12$ price anti-virus.


I hope all of you are fine. Today I will tell you how you will find out your lost smart phone. AVG Antivirus Pro will need for this which price is 12 dollar. No problem, you will not to pay so much money. I will give you with free of cost. With this it doesn’t find only lost smart phone, but also you will get funny and needed work. You can work that type of work which can be done with a computer.

How to Find out thief’s picture and location with your lost smart phone?



·   Searching smart phone.

·   Where is stolen phone or getting out location.

·    Serial number of thief’s SIM.

·    See thief’s picture.

·    You’ll delete all data on the phone.

·     You can format memory card remotely.

·     You can lock the phone remotely.

·      You can unlock phone remotely.

·       If you don’t find then you can shout mobile remotely.

What you will do with mobile:

·        Keeping mobile virus free.

·        Blocking call.

·        Blocking message.

·        Cleaning mobile.

·        Application backup.

·         Saving battery.

·         Locking application.

·         Particular use of mobile data.

·         How much I will say, and many thing.

Now come to use of the process:

·         At first download zip file (24 MB) from this link.

·         Extracting zip file, install Apk files on your phone.

·         On mobile’s data.

·         Then open AVG Antivirus Pro.

·         Click log in from the option.


·     Then click Create an account. Press Create an account with your email and password.


·         Now AVG will send you a link in your mail. By clicking this you have to active your account.

·         Then log in once again by opening AVG Antivirus Pro.




·         Adjust the settings if necessary.

·   Now if that thief changes that SIM then your mobile will pick a thief’s picture and new serial number of the SIM. It will send you picture and new serial number of the SIM in your e-mail. (Like a picture in below) which you will get by logging in your e-mail.


·   Go to this link to control phone with a computer.


·   Click on AVG MY Account.


·   Log in with your e-mail and password.

·   You will get a picture like in below.


·   Now if you click locate then you will see phone’s location on map.



·  Clicking Shout if you press next then Screen like below’s picture will show in your phone and shout will be done in mobile.


·  Click Lock if you want to lock the phone remotely.


·  Click next with password.


·   Click Unlock if you want to unlock the phone remotely.


·  Click next then the phone will be unlocked.

·  Click wipes if you want to delete data or format memory.


·  Click next and phone’s data will be deleted and memory card will be formatted.

· Click Anti-Theft Password if you want to change Anti-t-Theft Password.


· Click next with password. An Anti-Theft password will be changed.

· And remember this you can’t do so much with free AVG. So download AVG Pro from my giving link.

To see this so much writing you are getting disturbed. So if there is any mistake, then forgive me.

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