How to reduce internet data Usage on Android Phone?


Hi Guys, Maximum Smartphone users surf the internet on their Smartphone. Do you spend too much money on surfing internet on your Smartphone? Is your internet data balance going to end in a moment? Today in this post I am going to share top 5 tips to reduce internet data consumption on Android smartphone.

How to reduce internet data Usage on Android Phone?

How to reduce internet data Usage on Android Phone?

1. Keep Push Notifications off:

Your internet data going to end due to the verities types of applications. Maximum apps have some promotional messaging services – internet data has been loosed from your mobile due to those types of services. Promotional messages have been shown by push message service. So, friends, you have to turn off the push message notification. If you turn off it, it will also save the power of the battery.

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2. Please use the tracking data option:

Android and iOS platform has the ability to track the amount of data you are using now. You will be able to know, you will be able to calculate how much data are being consumed by which apps. So friends, use the data tracking system of your smartphone.

3. Keep off auto download option of WhatsApp:

Whatsapp users often receive pictures, videos, or audio for some other group; which can be downloaded automatically. Please turn off this auto download option. You can turn on the auto download option when you are browsing through Wi-Fi network.

How to reduce internet data Usage on Android Phone?

4. Beware! When you are watching a video or listening music.

If a music video or music streaming from mobile then lot more data may be loosed. You can user Wi-Fi connection at the time of streaming video or audio through your mobile. Some apps play music or video automatically, so find it and uninstall/disable it.

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5. Use Data Compression

If you have the habit of reading the article on online, then turn on data compression from your phone, data compression is a good idea. This will automatically reduce the amount of the size of your data in different web pages.

Best tips to reduce internet data Usage on Android Phone

Turn off data connection when you are not surfing or not downloading anything.

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