There are income and future by developing mobile games


Let’s go in past before saying future, in between, of 1962, once upon a time journey started off making game of first electronic or computer with a hand of M-I-T. Between this there had a more massive history, to write that I and we will get boar.

What is the future of mobile game developing? And how to earn money with this?


Anyway, at first gaming journey starts with the hand of general people through several 2D console. But in present times we enjoy a 3D game of high quality in our pocket device also.

Now-a-days which game we play in android and apple pocket device, most of the part of this is downloaded with free of cost and quality of these games is so well.

Example: temple run, subway surfers, candy crash saga, fruit ninja, doodle dash jump and more of it.

But the question can come into your mind, who is giving game with free of cost, where is their profit? Yes bro, there is a profit. Temple run has earned more of 1 million dollars till now and there is also temple run 2.

Further, there are some series games like X-box, play station etc.

Crisis (total 3 versions), Modern ware fare (total 3 versions). Battlefield (total 4 versions) etc. And more of this.

Further, these games are also in Pocket device.

So I think the game can be developed, only a potential career develops game and releases own, it is not like that, you can see that freelance site how the demand is about game development work.

Making game:

Which type of game you will make. There are various forms like role play, platform base, racing etc. A successful game depends on this theme. So, one wrong decision can make you unsuccessful. If you try then you will understand which time and which type of game has a demand.

You will develop on which platform. In the case of game development you have to select first you will make your game on the base of which platform after story, the art of the game in this case of course the most profitable thing is mini Mack of android and apple. What type of game you will make 2D or 3D. This totally depends on your game play. But 3D look has been given in 2D games. For that price comes at a lower cost in many cases. Moreover, there are different advantages in 2D and 3D.

Income from games:

Hmm, you made a game, but this time is for income, of course you will not share your making game with free of cost which price is 1 rupee, moreover you can earn with free of cost. In case of this you have to release your game, in Google play store or the apple app store or both, if you want to release app or game in Google then you have to open first Google developer and merchant account. For that Google will charge you at a time $25, this is the policy of them.  You have to expend per year $99 in the Apple app store, this is their policy. In spite of this, you will get Apple developer tools with developer account which has a chance to use.

Income from free game:

Yes, we can earn money from free game, but in this case there are different ways and result of these two is also different. One is income of showing add but it starts to decrease at one time, and behind this there are some reasons. Another is, selling different content inside of free game. But in our country there are different problems like you can’t release a paid game in Google play store because in Bangladesh doesn’t support google merchant. Moreover, there are many problems if you want to pay from online in our country, problem of buying several useful software and also there stands huge amount if we count in our country’s rupees.

And our country made Ant-Smasher was a successful game whose income was 40,000 dollars. [Known from magazine]. Moreover, from our country, many game releases, but it’s not so much successful. There are many reasons behind the games. Over the last few years I am continuing on making of the game, last year I worked with a game developer and hiring from desk and I have been known to him many things by work, how to walk in the way of developing successful games and I knew some rules like not only just game developer but also there are many games after then. How it is possible, he told me also. But one problem is there paymenting online from our country. In the below I gave a link of a game’s I-tune for this beer, which is my design, the character of the game is I myself. You can match with my Facebook profile if you want: This is my first game design for anyone, that’s why you may not like well because I don’t used to understand about game design that time. In case of this beer has helped me so much, and obviously it will because I used to work in many lower rates per hour. runner/id673991625?mt=8

My game activity is almost finished which is in my hand. I will release it coming next 1 or 2 months. Recently I’m working with a bier of Lebanon with the blessing of God. See proof of some payment in below. Bier gives me payment in Western-Union. I think they have also same payment problems in our country, because of that my made game had to release in Google play store and Apple store but after then it doesn’t go before after knowing payment process.

I am launching free on game development today from more than 1 year. I have also personal experience of more than 3 years. That’s why for making my team and in the case of game development to mention main important sides in front of you, function will be held on the basis of game development. That is my first seminar and in that seminar I will mention in front of you which subjects. That is

1. The present and past of the game,

2. Why we play games,

3. What is the percentage of playing games of man,

4. In which platform man wants to play games so much,

5. Why any game is not successful,

6. The techniques of making a game successful,

7. Which side of game gamer likes,

8. How you earn from free game,

9. The problems and solutions of releasing games from our country.