How to Optimise the Performance of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) in Windows?


Windows users, now can get the best performance on their running PC, if they optimize the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Today, I’ll show you, how to optimize Hard Disk Drives in Windows. You don’t know that every Windows has a default “Disk Defragment” tool to optimise the HDD. This “Disk Defragment” tool available on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the other older versions. This “Disk Defragment” tool run automatically in Windows 10. But, you can run this manually. If you are using an older version than Windows 10, then you’ve to run the “Disk Defragment” tool manually to optimize the performance of Hard Disk Drives.

How to optimise drives in Windows 10?

optimise drives

Let’ learn, how to optimize Hard Disk Drives in Windows?

There are two options in Windows to optimise the drives.

  • Option 1: You can optimise drives by using the inbuilt “Disk Defragment” tool in Windows.
  • Option 2: You can use third party tool/software to optimize the drive in Windows.
  1. How to optimise HDD with Disk Defragment tool in Windows

Windows users search for “Defragment”  and click on “Defragment and Optimise Drives” and choose your target drive to optimise.

defragment and optimise drives

Now, select a drive and click on the “Analysis” button and optimise it.

  1. Optimise Drives with third party software.

You can use “CCleaner” – the best cookie cleaner software for Windows.  CCleaner has amazing features. You can Wipe drives, you can defrag drives, you can optimise HDD, you can uninstall programs with this software. Click here to download full version of CCleaner.

Defraggler for Windows 10

Alternatively, you can use “Defraggler” – the doctor of Hard Disk Drives. It is another good free tool to optimize drives in Windows. Download the free version from the official website of Defraggler.

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