How to Fix “Cyclic Redundancy Error” of Pen Drive?


Are you suffering from Cyclic Redundancy error of Pen Drive? Take a Permanent Solution. Hopefully, all of you guys are very well. I am well. You guys face so many problems. So many people do not know about it. Today, I have discussed the problem of the Pen drive. So many people are suffering from Cyclic Redundancy problem. As a result, you cannot access new files.

Fix Cyclic Redundancy Error of your Pen Drive

Cyclic Redundancy error of Pen Drive

Only, the Cyclic Redundancy Error shows in front of us. Today, I give you the solution. For this, there are 2 methods.

Process 1: Auto is being in Windows. Now, insert the Pen Drive. Now Right click on the volume. Then, click on the Properties>tool>check now. Start the auto scan and if there is any problem, then the repair option will come. This process does not happen with anybody.

Process 2: First of all, insert the Pen Drive into the Laptop. Open the Command Prompt in ADMINISTRATOR mode. Next, write the command, chkdsk <space> drive name (E.g. chkdsk G:).

Now, put the letter of your Pen Drive in place of G. It will automatically scan and if there is any problem, then it will tell you. If there is any problem, then type the command: chkdsk G: /F

Now, put the letter of your Pen Drive in place of G. Wait for some time and after scanning, you have to restart your computer. Hopefully, after using this process, you will get the solution. If you don’t understand it or face a problem to understand it, then you will watch the video:

If you have any problem, then you don’t forget to leave your comments.

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