Adsterra is the best alternative of Google Adsense: Now Income will be double


Today I will introduce you with great alternative Ad Company of Adsense. With this I will show you some proof of my own income. Let’s go for it.

I think you have done to guess, yes, I am saying of recently discussed Ad network Adsterra. This writing is only for them who have a web site. Whose site has well visitor they use Ad of any Ad network. It may be company of Bangladesh or it may be a foreign company. But in present a few men can faith on company of Bangladesh. Like: some days before “Our Ad” company has vanished.

Do you know now Adsterra is the alternative of Google Adsense?


(N.B – This is not my company. The name of the company is “Our Ad”.)

But it doesn’t mean that all Bangladesh Ad Company is bad. I also use Ad of Bangladesh Company in our website. Those who use Google Adsense, they know it very well income is so good, but the trouble is not so less. There are many rules in it. But there is a big problem, that is, it doesn’t show on the Bengali web site. Although now many people in many ways have done, Ad a show of Google Adsense in Bengali site. But doing it or keeping hang Adsense on the sword. And getting Adsense from Bangladesh is like getting gold dear.

About Adsterra:

Adsterra stars journey from 2013 year. But it is used in Bangladesh probably from the first by 2015. I started myself from 2015. I’m continuing this and don’t face any problem till now. Now 10 billion add impresses of this Ad network per month, covering 190 countries, there are active 20 thousand campaigns.


In present Adsterra ads, banner and pop under. The big advantage is an Ad manager will be given to you in Skype after being publisher of Adsterra.  Your any problem related to Ad, with it you will solve the problem instantly. Or if you have any question about Adsterra then you can get solution immediately by asking.

How you will start?

Who are habituated to continue Ad of several Ad Company from before, I hope I don’t need to understand them what is to do for planting Ad. Yet I’m describing shortly for the advantage of the new. If you have a web site and some visitor in it, then you will use Adsterra.

#1. At first click on this link Adsterra publisher and register your name and address by setting the address of the web site. I tell you first you have to stay an account in any messenger because which Ad manager will be given to you, by chatting with him in messenger you have to active your account. So, you will give a Skype user name in the messenger box by opening a Skype account from before.


#2. After register and log in you will click from upper menu to Support, you will get  a Skype ID of your personal ad manager there, by adding him in Skype tell him that for approving your site, see if he is in online then he will approve it immediately.


#3. After approving website, click from upper menu to “AD TAGS” and you will set up your desired Ad code.


#4. Here you will get 3 pop under the codes. Taking that code also you will set in it, and CPM rate is also good at it.

N.B: CPM Rate is an accountancy that how much dollar or saint you will get per thousand impressions.


How you will withdraw money?

You earned so much money, 1000-2000 dollar per month, but if you can’t withdraw money so all is wasted. No problem, don’t worry, Adsterra will not take your money. You will withdraw money per dollar after 15 days. It is like system Google Adsense. Suppose which you will earn from 1 to 15 days that will be pend after 15 days and you will get that money on next month. Adsterra pays in Paxum, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Payza, Webmoney. But I have experience for withdrawing money from PayPal, Payoneer and Payza. And don’t try others. So if you don’t have Payoneer account then click on this link and make an account. If you need any help to bring Payoneer master card, then contact with me.


Really Adsterra gives publisher payment?

What did you say bro? Ok… there is no problem as you are new, that’s why this idea may come. Only I gave proof of my own income from Adsterra, I hope you will not have any doubt after it. If anyone has doubts then you can talk with us personally.


Some notes about Adsterre:

According to me Adsterra doesn’t ban anybody’s account till now. That’s why you will not click yourself in your ads. Then there is no profit if you caught. You will monetize ads regularly for increasing income, and try to keep that size of the Ad which CPM rate of Ad size you can filter from the dashboard. And you will use certainly 3 pop under, I hope your income will be increase more. It doesn’t give so much in Bangladeshi traffic, but some time it gives so much from Google Adsense in foreign traffic. Like: one day with 1 click I got from Germany 17 dollars. In this way I got more times per click 7 dollars, 9 dollar and 3 dollars.

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