Have your pictures are damaged or corrupted? Immediate Recover the Damaged Pictures


How are you? I am fine. This is my first tune. I am not so habituated in writing. So, I can make so mistakes. Hopefully, pardon me guys.

How to repair damaged or corrupted pictures?

Have you captured the happy moments in your camera? But, unexpectedly the pictures have damaged or may be deleted. You recover the deleted or damaged pictures by using the recovery software but the pictures are not in the same as its pervious condition. The half is shown and half is not showing i.e. Totally, the picture has damaged. Then, how do you feel?


I don’t know that, do you like it or not? But, it happened with me when I had captured so many photos in my camera at the time of Durga Puja. But, the virus attacked my memory card and as a result, I was forced to format the memory card. After, by using recovery software I recovered my pictures, but the condition of the pictures was the worst. I felt really bad at that time.


I am talking a lot, now I come to the main point. Today, I will give such a type of software by which you will revive the damaged picture as in the good previous condition. Let’s get familiar with the software. The name of the software is Stellar Phoenix JPEG Software. By using ,you may recover so many JPEG/JPG formatted images together. The price of the software is only 39$.


No, friends, you don’t buy the software by investing your money. For you guys, I have come the full free version of this software. Oh! I have forgotten to tell a thing.

The size of the software is only 3.5 MB.

So, don’t get late. Download this software from here

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair 3.0 with Serial Keys

The usage of the software is very easy, no difficulties. You may use it.