How Rigid Boxes Are Made and The Benefits of Using Them


There are many benefits to using custom rigid packaging over traditional boxes. Rigid boxes offer better protection for the products inside, as they can withstand more pressure and shocks than their cardboard counterparts. Rigid boxes also require less labor than other types of packaging, which saves on time and money.

Rigid Box

Just because there’s no need to assemble a product in a box- all you have to do is put it into the slot! So you may be wondering what makes these packages different from others? The answer is simple- they’re made out of plastic instead of paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. These materials provide greater durability and strength for your package design needs while reducing costs by up to 50%.

Custom packaging is a trendy topic of discussion in the world of logistics. There are many different types of custom solutions that you can use for your product, but one type that has been growing in popularity over the past few years is rigid packaging. Like vape cartridges are delicate and often use rigid vape cartridge box packaging. This blog post will go over some benefits of using rigid boxes and how they are made!

How are Rigid Boxes Made?

Rigid Box Making

What is a rigid box?

A rigid box, or laminate carton, is an excellent option for product packaging. Rigid boxes are made of heavy-duty cardboard and have no paperboard like traditional shipping options. They’re solid but lightweight, making them perfect for storing products that need to be shipped long distances!

A rigid box is made by customizing a standard size corrugated fiberboard box. The materials you use for the sides, top, and bottom of your package will vary based on what type of product needs to be shipped. The rigid box is excellent for people who want to give their products a sense of luxury and prestige. In the first step, you wrap the paper around solid boards. You can make these boards any color that you want.

Rigid box (Standard Size)

These boxes are good because they not only look good but also offer protection during shipping! Each rigid box is glued together individually. It can be expensive to produce a custom box, but it will last for many years and show off the contents inside when you open the lid. The rigid box is great for people who want to give their products a sense of luxury and prestige.

Difference Between Rigid and Traditional Boxes

Rigid boxes are the traditional go-to for products that need to stand on their own. However, the packaging is vital for high-end products. Packages can be strong, and they can also protect your product when it gets rougher handling. This box is also great if you have something heavy or fragile inside!

  • It often does not require expensive machines.
  • It is a better product, and it looks more expensive. However, it also has good quality from the consumer.
  • These boxes hold solid and durable materials.
  • It doesn’t usually take a lot of time. You might need to set up where the product is going.

Advantages of Rigid Boxes

Advantages of Rigid Boxes

Elite Appearance and Material:

The laminated box is a popular choice for packaging due to its durable, sturdy build. It’s created from layers of paper sheets or creative papers glued together with the chipboard frame in between them.

The reason is that it makes it much more rigid than your average cardboard box and can withstand plenty of wear and tear without crumbling like most other shipping options that are so often misused because they’re cheaper! Traditional boxes are usually made of paperboard, which is pretty flimsy and lightweight. However, this material can’t withstand heavy loads, pressure, or scratch like a laminate box can, so it’s an excellent option for products to store that need careful handling!

Keeps Items Secure:

Keeps Items Secure in Rigid Box

Rigid boxes make product packaging much more secure by providing higher quality and great security. Rigid boxes are tough to break, and they protect delicate products. Rigid box packaging is reusable and kept by buyers for packing or storing. With more boxes in every shipment, there are fewer boxes to ship out with every order. Shipping will be cheaper on an individual level because of its durability.

No need for packing peanuts:

Traditional boxes are prone to the need to use packing peanuts which can get expensive and time-consuming. Plus, they don’t provide enough protection against shipping damage! Rigid packaging eliminates the need for these things because it provides a haven that allows items to move around freely.

Radiates Product Quality and Improves Brand Loyalty:

Rigid boxes are a great way to show off the quality of your products. They are also an excellent marketing tool for brand loyalty because they make it much easier to identify who you’re purchasing from without needing more than just a logo and name on the box. A box that is laminated and rigid will attract attention. The durability of the raw material and its unattractive appearance has made people curious.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

It’s Eco-Friendly:

Rigid cardboard boxes are recyclable and highly eco-friendly because no harmful chemical is used during their production. In addition, the cardboard is made of 100% recyclable material and doesn’t need to rely on glue or staples.

Let us talk about products that come inside a rigid box.

Products That Come Inside Rigid Box:

All of the delicate electronic parts come in a sturdy rigid box. The products shipped in a rigid box are sure to be undamaged. The picture of the product is visible on all sides, so it’s easy for customers to identify what they want without opening the package or lifting their phone. Most expensive mobile phones come inside beautifully designed rigid boxes. Many luxury jewelry products can also be seen in these boxes.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging


If you need both attractive and durable boxes, then rigid boxes are the way to go. Traditional cardboard can be flimsy and won’t last long when used over time for shipping or storage purposes. But with these sturdy products, you’ll get an item that will stay in great condition for years to come.

Rigid packages also offer more protection than traditional ones because they use heavier materials like corrugated boards instead of thinner paperboard materials. And if you’re looking for top-notch printing services on your newly ordered packaging? Look no further; online printing services had your back; they provide the best packaging today. Visit the website to get an idea.

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