How Startups Should Use The Power of Excessive Mobile Use For Their Success


The invention of mobile phones has been a milestone in human evolution. It has brought a huge transformation in several aspects of human life. Starting from lifestyle, to means of communication, procuring information, and a list of several other points have to be included to coherently describe the huge impact of mobile phones on the entire human race.


Being invented primarily as a means of communication, mobile phones have themselves transformed and evolved and have become increasingly “smart.” The device, that was brought to the market to facilitate the most primary feature of calling, without the hassle of wires and the device being stationary at a location, is now used for several other purposes, apart from calling. With the popularity of cellphones, their usage has also simultaneously increased and so has the number of users. 

Mobile phones have come a long way since their inception. From being an item of fascination and luxury, it has become a necessity, an essential part of the lives of most people. Even more than computers, the world has got connected over the power of mobile phone usage and the increased popularity of the Internet, due to quick access from these small devices, carried by almost everyone in today’s time.

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When it comes to businesses, be it a startup, or an established business of any size and kind, mobile phones and their usage are an important part of the entire operation. That being said, several businesses have based their marketing and operating strategies on the fact that mobile phones are being used widely, even excessively by people all across the world. Studies and research have shown that a working adult with a smartphone spends almost 2-3 hours on his device daily, on average. Kids, teenagers, and college students use it for even longer periods. This fact has been greatly monitored and utilized by several businesses. With the advent of the Internet and the global reach it provides, reaching out to people has become extremely easy and convenient. Businesses have noticed the increase in the use of smartphones and the Internet, and have planned marketing strategies to reach out to customers on such platforms. 

Before going into the aspect of how businesses can form strategies based on mobile usage to increase their business and enjoy success, we will discuss how mobile phones are useful in the business itself. Be it a startup or a long-established business, mobile phones, smartphones have become a necessity in such institutions. 

Here are the key roles and advantages of using mobile phones within business premises:

advantages of using mobile phones within business premises

  • Employee-Office Contact: Employees can maintain contact with their office through mobile phones even when they’re in transit, maybe on the way to the office, or out for a site visit, etc, enabling useful communication that might be necessary for regards to the business operation. They can also receive messages through the Internet, or a simple SMS regarding any matter that needs urgent attention and can also communicate with the office in a similar way. 
  • Contact With Clients while away from the office is also made convenient through smartphones. Features like video calls and video conferences greatly help in holding meetings without physical presence and for presenting various ideas and presentations. 
  • Customer Service: Great customer service is when customers can make contact with the employees or the business at any point in time. Using a mobile communication device instead of a stationary one greatly enhances customer service. Assigned employees can also chat with the customer over messages using a smartphone.
Customer Service
Customer Service
  • Collaborative Work can be done by employees as mobile phones are excellent means of communication. While they can be used for discussions, sending messages, accessing the internet to refer for ideas, and passing on important details or information over calls or texts. Mobile phones have several dedicated apps that are perfect for workgroups. 
  • Business Data and Sales Support can be efficiently done and managed with mobile phones. Various essential data about business operations can be efficiently handled by the use of mobile phones. Efficient salwa support through quick access to customer data, purchase records, etc can be done with mobile phones. 

Along with these advantages of using cellphones for a business, the trend of excessive usage of mobile phones can be effectively used by businesses, especially startups, for their success and convenient operations. It can lead to great reach and build a solid brand image along with a great platform for the prosperity of the business. 

The use of mobile phones by general consumers has been a great opportunity and marketing scope for various businesses and startups. It has been an efficient way to reach out to customers on the platform they prefer the most. Ranging from marketing to brand promotion, startups that have reached the zenith of success has greatly utilized the platform to reach out to their target audience.

Marketing For Startups
Marketing For Startups
  • Marketing For Startups

A startup’s success greatly relies on the marketing and promotional strategies of the business. While spreading the name of the business to target customers is essential, showcasing products and services is essential as well. The quality of products and kind of services need to be popularised to help in the success of the business. With people inclined to mobile phone usage, it can be a great platform for marketing. Through the use of the Internet and several digital marketing tools, a startup can essentially ensure the success of its operation. 

  • Brand Promotion and Implementation Through The Internet and Social Media

Mobile users spend a huge amount of time on various social media platforms. While the Internet forms the basis of the usage of mobiles, it can serve to be an excellent way to form the brand image. Advertising the products and services and popularising the brand name can be a great way to lead the startup to success. While several startups have their own dedicated apps for the sales and access of their own products and services, mobile phone users have found to be interacting on such platforms for long lengths of time. 

  • Tracking the Customers Visiting the Website and the Location of the Potential Customers

can be a great way to optimize the website of a startup and its services. Through efficient SEO services, this can be easily done to enhance the customer base and reach of the startup. While the startup can also choose other means of marketing and customer interactions, mobile phones are the easiest way as they are a platform that is being used widely and often excessively. 

With the advent of mobile phones, the scenario of the global market with strategies and brand imaging has also transformed. Businesses have found an excellent platform that has global reach and is a thriving market. With the efficient use of the fact that mobile phones are a widely used platform, startups can optimize their strategies to achieve success.