What Does an Advanced Portfolio of a Business Analyst Look Like?


The business arena is like a battleground. The leaders of different companies create a strong army of employees, entrusting them with different roles and responsibilities. When employees do full justice to their position, they not only help the company scale new heights but also polish their skills. Most businesses nowadays have the role of business analyst in their organization, which is considered an essential job position. Business analysts play a crucial role in assessing the performance of an organization based on data and trends recorded. To prepare for this profile before taking up such a job role, a  person can take training in Business Analytics Program.

Business Analyst Program
Business Analyst Program

Who is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst studies the performance of the company, the past and current trends, along with analyzing the competitor’s growth and strategy. In doing so, a business analyst makes use of his analytical skills and statistical tools to forecast future trends and possibilities.  The role of the business analyst befits you if you have an analytical bent of mind and are good with numbers.

A business analyst has the following responsibilities-

  • Creating detailed business analysis reports
  • Outlining problems, solutions, and opportunities for the company
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Variance Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Defining requirements and reporting them back to stakeholders

Key Skills for a Business Analyst Portfolio

  1. Statistical skills- Analysing business performance requires the use of statistical tools like correlation, ratios, factor analysis, and several others like these. Therefore, having a good knowledge of these tools is a must to carry out the duties of an analyst.
Business Analytics
Business Analytics
  1. Business Analytics- This includes data mining, business intelligence, predictive modeling, text mining, data management, data visualization, and other such techniques. A business analyst needs to have a thorough understanding of these techniques to be able to evaluate and examine where the business is going and how it can do better. However, you may need proper learning to make use of these techniques properly. For this, you can consider taking a course in a business analytics program from reputable institutes like Jigsaw Academy that provide short term courses in several such subjects.
  2. Optimization Skills- A person wanting to excel in the field of business analytics should also have optimization skills to be able to make the best use of data available. Many times, information at hand may not be adequate for proper evaluation. However, a good analyst should have the ability to make optimum use of the resources available. At the same time, he/she should also have an open mind to further research on their own too.
  3. Knowledge of IoT and Big Data- Since, many companies have started making extensive use of big data, IoT and data sciences, a person making a career in the field of business analytics should also get training in these subjects. Information in these subjects will serve as advanced knowledge that will make you stand out among other candidates and will even help you progress fast in the company.

  1. Reasoning and Logical Skills- A business analyst should have a logical bent of mind where he can reason out patterns, trends, and comparisons to reach accurate conclusions. There is no place for emotional thinking in the professional role and responsibility of a business analyst, as decisions have to be based on sound reasoning. The individual must be able to align the results reasonably to conclude well.
  2. Excellent Presentation Skills- Along with other skills, a business analyst also needs to have excellent presentation skills, so that he/she can explain the results to the other parties concerned. He must be adept in the use of Excel, Powerpoint, and other such applications so that he can present complex information easily, for the sake of everyone’s understanding.

Kickstart Your Career in Business Analysis Today

With increasing competition and the need to be proactive in decision making, companies are hiring business analysts on a large scale now. That is why it is an opportune time for you to make a career in this field. Even if you’re a bachelor, you can still take up this role by getting training through a short-term course in business analyst program. This course will prepare for you well in all the skills required for performing your day-to-day responsibilities well. Once you get your certification in this course, you can apply it to many good companies. This simple course can be your first step towards an enriching career.

So, enroll yourself today and get set for a winning career ahead.

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