How Does Power BI Help you Make Brilliant Business Decisions?


What do you need to make Success at what you are doing?

Right-minded people, backed by resources, make effective business decisions. Correct?

We are sure you are tasting success and want to keep it forever and scale.

You have got it all; people, resources, and tools. And, not to forget the competition who is bidding for the success you are holding upright.

Today, including your competition, everyone is tracking the customers, their behavioral patterns, likes & dislikes.

To make it apt – Data.

Data is at the core of the business and its success.

When asked what percentage of their organization’s strategic decisions are data-driven, a little more than 25% said nearly all their decisions are driven by data, while 44% said most decisions are driven by data.

How Does Power BI Help

– S&P Global Market Intelligence

Data-driven decision-making will not only put you ahead of your competition but also will help you know your consumers better.

Investing in a good business intelligence tool can make it happen for you. And, if you feel you can do it with some stale data, here’s something for you.

85% of respondents confirmed that stale data leads to incorrect decisions and lost revenue

– As per a study conducted by Dimensional Research.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are the war weapons every business should have, irrespective of the size and shape of the business.

Why Microsoft Power BI?

There are tons of business intelligence tools in the market, then why should you go for Microsoft Power BI?

Why Microsoft Power BI

Let’s not dwell on what Power BI is and how it differs.

Instead, let’s decode the WHY!

Microsoft Power BI is the leading Data Visualization Tool with more than 6 million users and 97% of Fortune 500 companies are using it to regularize data insights.

– According to Gartner.

A business intelligence tool that has gained the faith of 97% of Fortune 500 companies. It’s a secret broken to the public and an opportunity for your to up your data game.

How does Power BI help you make Brilliant Business Decisions?

How does Power BI help you make Brilliant Business Decisions

What comes to your mind when someone says Business Intelligence Tool?

A Dashboard reflecting data pointers?

Well-structured, Summarized Data Reports?

Crisp and sharp data visuals?

Well, Power BI brings it all with an extra bit of aesthetics and an intuitive user interface.

How Power BI helps you make sense of your stale, scattered data.

Super User-Friendly Access to Data Insights

Super User-Friendly Access to Data Insights

Using Microsoft Power BI for the first time?

Thinking if you should hire Power BI developers or consultants for help?

Should you get any special training to use Microsoft Power BI?

Hold your horses!

Trust us when we say this, it’s super easy to use and extract data insights using Power BI. You can consider it an extended version of Microsoft Excel; it’s that swift!

It doesn’t matter if you are a trained data analyst or a non-tech guy willing to join the data game. The intuitive user interface is one of the best-made features that Power BI has to help you succeed.

It doesn’t matter how complex data you handle; a simple drag-and-drop will get you what you want. You can perform trend analysis and data regression and formulate statistical summaries.

Power BI can be easily integrated with any Microsoft or third-party enterprise software. This opens the doors for maximized data integrations.

Better control over data, better business decisions.

Customized Dashboards for Interactive Insights

Customized Dashboards for Interactive Insights

Dashboard – A graphical representation that reflects data collected from multiple data sources.

A dashboard is a common feature that every other BI tool in the market offers.

Then, what is so special about Power BI dashboards?

They are customizable and scalable.

Power BI does more than just multifarious integrations, data extraction from different sources, and flaunting visualizations on the dashboards.

It lets you:

  • Create customized dashboards with varied data metrics at the individual, team, and department levels.
  • Connect multifarious data sources and fetch data for powerful processing, irrespective of the data being on an on-premise server or cloud.
  • Choose from hundreds of custom visualizations and make your data more interactive and easily understandable.
  • Extract actionable insights with Real-Time Visualizations.
  • Advanced-Data Analytics with hundreds of reporting features.

It is always a great idea to hire a power BI developer when you are looking to make the most out of your Power BI initiatives. Power BI developers can help you build automated custom dashboards and reports to source real-time data insights.

With that capacity to generalize data analytics, you are empowered to make well-informed business decisions.

Advanced-Data Visualization for Data Stories

Advanced-Data Visualization for Data Stories

Nothing is better than data stories regarding identifying patterns and critical loopholes in business processes.

Dashboards and visualizations sure add to the decisions, but data stories help you build sequential representations to unleash the WHY behind specific behaviors and patterns.

Power BI enables you with the capacities to build a series of visualizations to demonstrate strategies in advance before you deploy a decision.

And, that is a complete Super Power!

Closing Notes

Microsoft Power BI is hands-down that one investment that your future self will thank you for. Harnessing the organizational data and using it in favor of building proactive business strategies is going to help you scale success.

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