Upcoming Technologies and Trends of Packaging In the Light Of COVID-19 Pandemic


When we exchange views about innovation, the conversation turns into technology, which is evolving time and again. Almost all industry is revolutionizing in the light of COVID-19 pandemic. But the real one is transpiring in the packaging industry.

Packaging Industry
Packaging Industry

Let’s talk statistically; the global packaging market is expected to top US$1 trillion by 2024. This increasing demand for packaging is because of the shift made in consumer behavior.

Furthermore, a consumer always looks for three main qualities in their packaged products: convenience, effortless use, and ease of transport. Some businesses have already identified ways through which automated packaging systems can benefit them.

However, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic and consumer’s new demands, the packaging market is going to witness innovation in technology and trends. Let’s have a glance at it.

Redesign of the Classic Packaging:

We all are grown up watching cardboard boxes, bags, and bottles for packaging. However, these classic types of packaging are going to reshape soon. The increasing demand for convenience factor is calling for new upgrades. Let’s explore some of them.

Classic Packaging
Classic Packaging
  • Space-friendly packaging: After boxed water’s introduction, this space-friendly concept is getting a lot of attention, especially in the food and beverage industry.
  • Dissolvable packaging: In order to decrease the carbon print, edible packaging will interestingly become popular as it alleviates the dependency on fossil fuels. This will be an attractive option for the Eco-conscious customer.
  • Smart packaging: Two primary technologies will be implemented in smart packaging: Printed Electronics and Nanotechnology.
  • Augmented reality: To provide a personalized experience, companies will allow consumers to take virtual test-drive of products and build new forms of entertainment through packaging and products.

The Boost in Sustainability:

Eco-friendly shopping has become a major part of the ‘new normal’ these days. The packaging industry had already adapted this concept; however, the increase in demand will give a boost to it. This is due to its cost-effective nature. Currently, the Eco-friendly packaging trend includes efficient use of box space, waste management, recycling, and lower carbon print.

So, what does the future hold in terms of sustainability? Well, the use of more compostable plastic packaging is going to be elevated than before. However, sustainability is a wider topic for discussion in the packaging industry. But the new normal world may override plastic packaging in the future completely.

Commercial packaging

A Major Shift Towards E-commerce:

COVID-19 pandemic has stolen consumers’ experiences of in-store shopping. And simultaneously shifted the focus to e-commerce. No doubt, consumers were taking baby steps for online shopping. But lockdown has made e-commerce the main form of shopping today.

While there is still room for progress; giant companies like Amazon are ruling the e-commerce market. Amazon is majorly working on algorithms and customer’s online behaviors. So, we can look up to a high customization experience in packaging through e-commerce. The opportunities for the packaging industry are vast in specialization and customization of products at a higher level.

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The Bright Future of Corrugated Packaging:

Corrugated packaging is expanding faster than before, mainly assisted by a focus on e-commerce and developments in digital 3D printing technologies. Further, as sustainability has become a more serious issue now, corrugated boards are having a moment. Add in the lower prices, it will add to a big win for corrugated box packaging.

No doubt, corrugated packaging has three main qualities: cost-effective, sturdy, and recyclable. But, that’s not enough. Also, currently, the use of reusable plastic containers is increasing. Still, many corrugated box manufacturers will enhance the material and make it more adaptable.

Home Delivery to Step into Automation:

Yes, you heard it right! By 2028, this shall soon turn into a reality. It’s simply like the drone project currently handled by Amazon and self-driving initiated by Ubers. Let’s have a glimpse of various automation for home delivery.

Drone delivery
Drone delivery
  • Driver-less trucks: Introduced in 2016 by Uber, driver-less trucks successfully crossed 120 miles to deliver 2000 cases of beer. With its safety, efficiency, and speedy features, it soon grabbed many other companies’ attention. Now, driver-less trucks will change the shape of home delivery.
  • Drones: After driver-less trucks crossed their milestones, a new technology entered our lives which is known as drone delivery. But the tech is still in progress due to many concerns. It includes the complexity of door-to-door fulfillment in crowded areas, theft, and property damage.
  • Other alternatives: There are other delivery options too that are being examined. Some of them are autonomous cars, crew-less cargo ships, and delivery robots.


The packaging industry is booming. If you want to take advantage of it, then read on the blog: Top tips for commercial packaging. Furthermore, as the globe is moving towards more advanced and sustainable methods, the benefits will manifold with the above-listed technology and trends, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.