How is the oval part of a Laptop charger?


Web Desk: Almost everybody uses a laptop from employer to students. But, have the question of laptop charger come in your mind ever? You have noticed that, every laptop charger has an oval part. Actually, what is that? Why it is there?

Do you know how is the oval part of a Laptop charger?


The oval part of charger is a cylinder actually. Which formal name is ferret bid. But, why is this cylinder? It needs cylinder because of laptop can swing safely. When we shift with a laptop, then the hard drive, mother board, video card and vibration and radio frequency create from other different parts. For which laptop can destroy. Ferret bid saves our laptop from that destroy.

With this at the time of using Wi-Fi, cylinder acts as an antenna of the laptop. It also helps to catch the signal. The magnet is inside of ferret bid.  The Cylinder is made with iron oxide.