Computer Hardware Question Answer – (Part 8)


Download Computer Hardware Related Question Answer from mental club. Another top 50 hardware question and answers for computer hardware students. You can read (Part 7) from here.

Another top 50 hardware questions


1: What specifies your hard disk configuration?

2: After doing a low-level format, what would be the next step in configuring the hard drive in a system?
A: Partition hard disk

3: After displaying the directory of a floppy disk, a different floppy is inserted into the drive. The contents of the original floppy continues to display regardless of the director requests on the other floppies placed in the drive. You remove the drive in question and install it into your test system, and it does not exhibit the problem. You should next replace the what?
A: Floppy drive ribbon cable

4: During the boot process, a system first counts memory from where?
A: System board

5: A customer attached an external drive to his notebook computer but the computer is not recognizing it. What should be considered?
A: The cables are attached firmly?
The external drive has been pre-loaded with the appropriate software?
The external drive was attached before the computer was on?
The external drive is turned on?

6: Suppose that you have a “solid” failure, and the maintenance package identifies several possible field replaceable units (FRUs) that will resolve the problem. What should you do after turning the power off?
A: Replace the indicated parts, one at a time in the recommended sequence, until the problem is resolved; return unused FRUs to stock.

7: When considering replacement of a PC’s power supply, one should be concerned about? (choose two)
A: Voltage and ampere rating
Size and shape, on/off switch placement, and wattage

8: Which components could cause a blank screen?
A: Power supply
Video card

9: A keyboard locks up intermittently even when replaced with a new keyboard. What is the LEAST likely cause of the problem?
A: A second bad keyboard

10: What questions could be asked to determine if a problem is software or hardware related? (choose all that apply)
A: Does the computer BEEP during the boot phase?
Did peripheral devices initialize, i.e. printers?
Will hardware components pass diagnostics?

11: Which of the following would be a logical first step in trouble shooting a PC?
A: Define the circumstances of the problem

12: During the normal PC boot process, what is activated first?

13: What is the first thing you could do to check for damage to a printer after receiving it?
A: Unbox it and examine it for physical damage.

14: When measuring AC (Alternating Current) with a multimeter, is it important to maintain the proper polarity.
A: False

15: Which FRU can be considered both an input and output device?
A: SCSI Host adapter

16: HIMEM.SYS gives you any kind of error during startup. This usually means what?
A: Bad RAM

17: Memory addresses located in the first 640K of memory are known as?
A: Conventional Memory

18: Extended memory is also called?

19: Which driver allows you to access HMA?

20: How many pins does a narrow SCSI-2 cable have?
A: 50

21: What are the 3 basic components of hard drive geometry?
A: Cylinders

22: When not in use, it is very important to keep 5 1/4 diskettes where?
A: In their protective sleeves

23: How many Megabytes is a 2 x 32 SIMM?
A: 8 (2 X 32 = 64/8)

24: What device uses IRQ15?
A: Secondary Hard Drive Controller

25: The TWO primary performance restraints for mass storage devices are?
A: Disk Access speed
Rate of transfer

26: If you have a device using IRQ2, then you should not have any other device using which other IRQ?

27: How large is the reserved memory area?
A: 384K

28: System software stored on non-volatile memory chips (ROM) is called?
A: Firmware

29: In a 16-bit environment, what is the most clusters a partition can have?
A: 64K

30: What is the 8042 chip used for?
A: Keyboard controller

31: If you replace the battery and the date & time clock is still malfunctioning, then you probably have what type of problem?
A: Bad motherboard

32: What is the maximum number of floppy drives you can have on any one PC?
A: 2

33: When configuring a new network interface card for installation, what would be a valid I/O address?
A: 360

34: Can you use a standard multimeter for measuring a monitors high voltage output?
A: No

35: Should a Computer technician attempt to open a power supply in order to repair it?
A: No

36: When do you need to use Line Conditioners?
A: When you have severe power problems.

37: Do Surge Suppressors offer really good protection for computer equipment?
A: No

38: If you check a good 4 amp fuse with the ohmmeter set at 20 what reading would you get?
A: 0.0

39: How much memory did the 8086 and 8088 computers have?
A: 640k

40: How much memory could a 80286 computer address?
A: 16MB

41: How would you clean a floppy drive?
A: Denatured alcohol

42: What code is entered on the FAT table to designate the last cluster a file uses?

43: What code is entered on the FAT table to designate a bad cluster?

44: You have a old PC with a MFM hard drive which boots occasionally for no reason. How would you fix this?
A: Back it up and then perform a low-level format.

45: What SCSI feature allows multiple devices to be chained together?
A: All devices have unique IDs.

46: Which type drives get logical letter assignment first, SCSI or IDE?

47: How much memory could a 386 or above computer address?
A: 4GB

48: If you have a laser printer connected to your PC, which one would you turn on first?
A: Laser printer

49: If your monitor is making a high pitched noise, what might the problem be?
A: Bad video controller

50: At what location on the hard drive will you find Master boot record?
A: Cylinder 0, Head 0, Sector 1

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