Computer Hardware Question Answer – (Part 6)


Another top 50 questions of computer hardware. I think, it is working for you. You can comment your requirements. You can read (Part 5) from here.

Another Top 50 Computer Hardware Question Answer

1: A customer complains his printer doesn’t work but the light is on. What is the first thing you should do to correct the problem?
A: Make sure the printer is on-line.

2: Toner particles have what type of charge?
A: Negative

3: You are testing a household electrical outlet. If you test hot & neutral wires, you should get what reading?
A: 110-120v

4: Which will cause more damage to your computer system components, EMI or ESD?


5: Which components in your PC is most susceptible to ESD damage?
I/O controller cards

6: Which COM port does the mouse usually use?

7: After replacing a motherboard, what should you do with the adapter cards?
A: Put them all back in their original slots.

8: Why would you never want to test computer circuits with a standard Ohmmeter?
A: Ohmmeters provide their own current which may damage internal components.

9: Which type of fire extinguisher would you use to fight a computer or electrical fire?
A: Class C

10: What do you set your Volt-Ohm meter to in order to test a fuse?
A: Ohms

11: Which is the easiest component to environmentally recycle?
A: Toner Cartridge

12: Which part of the computer is most likely to be effected by EMI?

13: If the digital multimeter is set for DC, Ohm and 20k, what will it read while measuring a good 2 amp fuse?
A: 0.00

14: What does this symbol represent? ( Symbol ta koi ?// )
A: SCSI Port

15: What is not typically considered a FRU?
A: System Chassis

16: What PC part would require you to follow EPA guidelines when you dispose of it?
A: CMOS battery

17: What do you use to discharge the CRT?
A: resistor

18: When replacing a power supply in a computer, how do the black wires connect to the mother board?
A: They face each other on the insides of the plugs.

19: If your monitor has random dots on it, the problem most likely is with the?
A: Video Card

20: Which of the following devices can send and receive information from other devices? (Choose 2)
A: Serial Port
Parallel port

21: What causes “Soft” memory errors?
A: Random program events

22: What causes “Hard” memory errors?
A: Bad SIMM or Short in circuit

23: How many electron guns does a color monitor use?
A: 3

24: What is the best ground source for a conductive work bench?
A: AC Outlet

25: The Keyboard uses what IRQ?

26: On a wall outlet, which side is neutral?
A: The longer slot

27: The SCSI boot drive must be have which ID?
A: 0

28: The binary address of the SCSI host adapter is usually?
A: 0111

29: How much data can a 5” CD store?
A: 650MB

30: A PC with a 486DX2 processor runs internally at 50Mhz. What speed would its external logic be running?
A: 25Mhz

31: Which device provides the fastest access to large video files?
A: SCSI hard drives

32: When connecting two external SCSI hard disks to a computer, where can you connect the second hard drive?
A: Any open SCSI port on the computer
An open SCSI port on the first hard drive

33: When installing a SCSI CD-ROM drive, you must set the CD-ROM SCSI adapter to what?
A: An unused SCSI address.

34: Which device provides the fastest data access time?

35: What does the CPU do? (choose all that apply)
A: Executes program instructions
Performs math functions
Controls input/output operations

36: What specification covers PC hard cards?

37: Which would you have to upgrade to install an EIDE drive?
A: Controller board

38: Which peripheral port provides the FASTEST throughput to laser printers?
A: Parallel

39: A 25-pin female connector on the back of your computer will typically be?
A: Parallel Port

40: COM1 is typically represented by which of port?
A: 9 pin male

41: A 14.4 modem should transmit at _____ bits per second.
A: 14,400-15,000

42: A modem could be attached to which port?
A: ASYNC port

43: A customer has one printer on LPT1 and wants to add another printer. To which port could it be connected?

44: What is a type of preventive maintenance used on a hard drive?
A: Disk check diagnostics

45: Which should you use for cleaning Mylar-protected LCD screens?
A: Alcohol-impregnated wipes

46: It is most important to keep hard drives and diskettes away from? (choose two)
A: Magnetic devices
Temperature extremes

47: What questions would you ask to determine if the display is working?
A: Is there a video cursor or action on the screen?
Did the computer beep or chime?
Is there high voltage static on the screen? Is the video display brightness and contrast turned up?

48: Which monitor would provide the highest level of performance?

49: A multimeter can be use to perform tests on which of the following? (choose all that apply)
A: To test a capacitor
Testing diodes
Testing transistors

50: In order for a modem to accept data, which of the following signals must be present? (choose all that apply)
A: Carrier detect
Receive data

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