How is it if refrigerator of your house is a smart refrigerator?


Dear reader, in the present era refrigerator or fridge is an important house material. Without it no men can imagine their kitchen room in this era, even not their daily lives also. So at present when everything is getting smart (smart phone, spectacles, watch, TV, House etc.) then why will fridge go backward? I think, LG has felt this matter very well. So now LG has shown a wonderful and super smart fridge in the electrics material exhibition.

Let’s know about The New LG InstaView Smart Fridge.

lg instaview smart fridge

The name of super smart fridge has been said on behalf of LG “LG InstaView Smart Fridge” and since the exhibition it has spread very well and made all surprise in prosperous world. LG has said, in the last quarter of this year this super smart fridge will open business in America. And as there is a smart fridge of Samsung in the market, then why super smart fridge of LG made the surprise all, readers do you want to know? Isn’t it? Because this is a super smart fridge of running Windows 10 operating System. Have you surprised readers, yes, it is the matter to become a surprise. Now Windows 10 is not limited in computer, laptop and smartphones, its use has been started in daily lives. So let’s know about what are the advantages in this smart fridge:

lg instaview smart fridge 2

  1. There is 29 inch mirror glass display in it.
  2. It runs in Windows 10 Operating System.
  3. It supports Microsoft personal assistant Cortana.
  4. You can open any audio and video file, and enjoy them also.
  5. If you want, then you can install any app from Microsoft store and enjoy it also.
  6. You can browse internet also if you want.

Readers, there are some more wonderful features in this super smart fridge. Let’s know about that:

lg instaview smart fridge 3

  1. Tapping double, its display can be done half-clear. In this way, not opening the fridge’s door, inside’s materials can be seen.
  2. If you stand in front of the fridge, then its smart light sensor will open the fridge’s door automatically.
  3. In spite of this, you can set up in its several parts according to your wish if you want.
  4. You can drop and drag icon for a particular food if you want to write notes for that food like the recipe.
  5. In spite of this, there is the existence of other specialties of normal fridge in it.

And readers, don’t forget to see a wonderful video preview of LG InstaView Smart Fridge from the below link.

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