How do I Get More Comments on My Articles


When someone made any comment on your post you feel good, isn’t it?

5 Important Tips to Get More Comments on your articles. Yeah its very true and not only you, but I become very happy when sees someone leave their arguments under my article. But what happens when your blog is a place of silence and looks like a huge desert. It’s not interesting and charming at all. Without comments, the blog is like having a tree without leaf.

Get More Comments on Your Articles

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To give life to your blog you have to engage your readers with your blog. This is the only way to make your blog successful in the long run.

In my today’s article I will try to give you some tips so that you can make your blog more crowded like a fish market where most of your readers will leave their own arguments thoughts and views.

What You are Going to Learn

  1. Why Comments are Important?
  2. How to Get More Comments?

Importance of Comments:

If content is the king then the comment is queen. Without comments your blog actually looks ugly and it makes sense that you are writing but nobody reads your article.

When someone sees an article with very few comments or with no comments then they feel the article what you have written is not interesting at all. But you know that they didn’t read your post yet, but made the decision that the article is not helpful.

And what happens when someone see lots of comments under a post, they actually start feeling that something is there and they shouldn’t miss it. It motivates them to read and share your article.

On the other hand, you might notice an article with lots of comments are getting top ranked on Google. It sends a signal to Google that this article is really informative and useful to its readers.

5 Tips to Get More Comments

Comments can dramatically increase your blog’s traffic and most importantly, it makes your boss in your niche. Your readers start to believe you that you really know better about your niche and they can be benefited by following you.

Now I am going to give you 5 tips to get more comments on your blog.

  • #1 Write For Yourself

Whenever you write content try to write for yourself first. Read your whole article what you have just written and ask yourself that, are you happy with that?

If you are happy then you can aspect to happy someone by the article. But if you are not happy with your article then don’t need to publish it on your blog. It will hurt your readers and blog too instead of making them happy.

  • #2 Write For Your Readers

  1. Do you know what they want from you?
  2. Did you ever ask yourself what are they looking for?

You should write about what they actually like to read. What makes them happy and force them to share an article. So do some research what they want, how they want and when they want?

After getting all your desired answer to then start writing and try to deliver every possible thing what they can aspect after reading your this post.

  • #3 Ask Them

To get more comments on your blog, you should ask your readers to share their thoughts and views. Try to force them to leave comments under the article.

Ask them what else they want to know and are they satisfied?

  • #4 Improve Site Design

Do you want to visit a site which looks boring? I think you won’t, so if you don’t even want to visit the site how would we aspect you will comment there?

So improving your site design is very important and I would say it should get the highest priority. When someone sees a nit, clean and beautiful website they fall in love on it.

So if you can enhance the beauty of your blog, then there is a better chance to get more comments and visitors too.

  • #5 Easy Commenting System

Your commenting system should be very easy to leave comments. If someone finds it difficult they won’t go for commenting.

Ask yourself, do your site got the easiest commenting system?

Do you can easily leave comments?

If you can, then it’s OK, but if not, then it’s a great problem and it can be one of the biggest issues of getting a few comments.

It’s Your Time:

I am really interested to know your thoughts and tips to increase the change of getting more comments and if you want to add something here then feel free to leave your comment. I am very keen to hear from you.

Thank you…

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