How can you earn money by writing Bengali Language?


You can earn money by writing in any language either in Bengali or English. It can be possible from your home. These are not only for the web. The content writers of the Advertisement World mainly write on the product brochure, newsletter, e-mail etc. Moreover, the content writers work for various book publishers, companies or as a test book writer.

Learn how can you make money by writing Bengali Language?


Those who are in this job, the most of the people work in “work from home” mode i.e. Writings, project delivery, team meeting, monthly income- everything are online. Somebody likes to do as a project not as a monthly. And the project may be the 1 week or maybe the 6 months. There are also some full time content writers who go to the office at the specific time. If you enhance your experience, then there is a big opportunity as a content editor.


The Work News:

The huge market of content writing is in the web. And the market is increasing. But, if you write articles in Bengali, then the space of work is quite limited than the English content writing. You have to make a profile in Elance-oDesk – Up work ( and in Freelancer if you want to do the job from your home. These two websites are the main and huge networks. In here, you will get two profiles- one team who works and the other team who operates the work i.e. clients. From all over the world, the people come for searching their jobs. Not only the content writing, but also, there is a work of web designing, programming, data entry, typing and also for handling accounts.

These websites rating the two teams. The content writer who writes contents, for him/her, there is a different kinds of skill tests. The content writer who gives more test and pass with more numbers, his/her “market price” is huge. The clients contact with the content writer, according to their base of content ratings. You have to search in the search engine of the websites that in which projects the Bengali Content Writing is working? The clients write some words about the work and publish it as a project. The amount of money writes beside it i.e. in per hour or as a whole project. Moreover, there are so many websites for part-timer full-time jobs such as: quicker, Indeed, etc. job sites from where you will get some news.


Bidding- Networking-calling:

You can get the job of content writing in three ways:

  1. Please go to the websites for networking. In present time, Linked In is also very necessary along with Elance-oDesk and Freelancer. Those who recruit the writers from the web, most of them select the writes by judging the profiles of writers. You must write your experience, and also give some samples of your writing such as: scanned image of your article which were published in blog or print media. Moreover, there are so many people open the Facebook page and promote themselves through the personal profile.

2. There is a no limitation of earning the money by writing the web content. There is a good process of increasing the money is Biding. The newcomers who are coming to write articles, you are advised not to participate in this game for the first time. You must watch the bidding of the Elance–oDesk and freelancer for at least 1 year. The process of bidding is: One client posts a project and gives a time for the bidding. There is a description about the types of work.

You have to do “bidding”– i.e. in which time you will complete the work? And in how much cost is required for writing the thread in the project? After writing the bids, the selection will be done. In here, the client will watch the four main things: your past experience, the result of the skill test, and can you submit the project in between the deadline? And your least work price.

3. Don’t go to the bid, you can collect the information about the client from the Linked In, Elance or Freelancer and you can direct talk with the client by talking via phone. You must keep in mind that there is no he profit by doing mails. After talking the basic conversations, you can contact with them via Skype. The foreign clients want to talk via Skype.

PayPal and Payment:

The most of the works come from the foreign. Most of the things exchange in dollars. The exchange of foreign and native money should be done in PayPal. For this, you have to create an account in PayPal in where the details of your bank account is required. PayPal takes some charges for this. If the client is native, then you can take the payment by using RTGS and NEFT etc.

There is a bad reputation about web content writing. So many clients do not pay money. It has really happened. So, it is very necessary to know about the client before taking the project. You have to study it by going to the website of the clients. Moreover, you have to read the reviews of the clients in Elance and Freelancer. In here, the clients judge the writers and writers also judge the clients.

You must take the advanced payment from clients before starting the projects. The rest of the money will be payment after the completion of the final project submission.