Shorten URLs and Earn Money (Best URL Shorteners)


Yes, now you can earn money with URL shortener. Shorten any long URL to short and earn money. Today, I’ll tell you how to earn money with short link – which we called URL shortener. There are lots of websites to short a big or long URL. And, do you know all are free? At first, I want to ask you something. Think that, if we can access our favourite without typing the long URL (Web Address), then how do you feel? Do you know, you can open Facebook with the URL ( or Do you know, you can open Google with ( Don’t forget to read funny tricks about Google.

Example of shortening URLs (Popular)

Long URL Short URL or

 Best URL Shortener Website (You can’t earn money with these)

If you don’t want to earn money with URL shortener, then you can use these websites. All these websites have awesome features. You can count the number of hits/visits, you can count referral domain, and you can track the country, browser platforms and statistics.

track visitor

  • Best 5 websites to short a long URL


Best 5 URL Shortener Website to Earn Money

If you want to earn money with your shorten URLs, then you’ve to use these following websites. Some websites have scam complaints. But, I’ll recommend scam free websites.

  1. (Highly Recommended – if links don’t work, then read this article)
  2. (Recommended)
  5. LinkShrink.Net
  7. Ad.focus (Not Recommended)

Personally, I use ( – the best url shortener service by Google.

If you want to earn money, then I personally recommend you for using

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