The Income will be double in your blog or website. Use “Link shrinks” and “Pop under” at the same time


The admins of the website easily can earn income from the Link Shrink and PopoUnder impression. You have nothing to do it in this kind of income. Just put a one code in the place of the site. The visitors will come, click on it and the income will increase.

Best URL Shortner for Earning Money Online

From now, the income will be double. Link Shrink and Pop Under will work together.

May be, there is an article which is written about and Today, I will give you some new information.

Today, I will discuss that without any work, the process of earning money from your website or blog.

There is a process of earning money whose has no website or blog. Just take a look.

  1. (Pop under Impression)
  2.  (Link shrinks, Easylink, Entry script, the full page script and Pop under Impression)


The most of the income earns from popcash. The rate of this site is very high. The dollar is submitted very fast.

The Introduction of

Established: in 2012.

Country: USA.

Alexa Rank: #265.

Daily Visitor: 9 Lakhs+

Everyday Transaction: 5 thousands+ dollar

Minimum cash out: 10$ (Don’t worry, it does not take long to be 10$. The payment will give in between 24 to 48 hours.)

daily earning

The Process you have to do it:

First of all, you can register from here

Sign in/Log in -> Websites -> Add a new Website.


Domain: The domain/URL/Link of your website.

Category: Give the category of your website.

Adult Content: If you want to allow 18+, then you give allow and if you do not want to allow 18+, then you give disallow.

Click on the Add website.

Wait and for approving your site, you may wait for 1 or 2 days.

Log in and watch that if approve it, then click on the “Get Code” and then you will get a code and add with your site.


You will give withdrawal after the fulfillment of 10$.


The code of may add to your blog or in your website along with the Popcash. As a result, you may earn income from two sites.

The Introduction of

Establish: 21 Feb, 2012.

USA Company.

Alexa Rank: #111

Daily Visitors: 12 Lakhs+

Everyday Transactions: 13 thousands+ dollar

adfly rank

Minimum cash Out: 5$ (1st date of every month)

Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Paya.


The Process you have to do it:

Sign up from here:

Now, sign In -> Click on the Tools.


  1. Easy Link

Without shrinking any link, you may add and share that link you may earn money. If anybody clicks on this link, then the dollar will be credited to your account. After clicking on Easylink, you will get the link on your right side: and cutting this, you will give your desired link.

2. Full page links:

Using this script, the auto will pop under in the full page of your site i.e. anybody clicks on that, a popup will be open and the dollar will be credited to your account. After clicking the code on the Full page link, you will get it on the right side.

3. Website Entry Script

By using this, if anybody enters into the site, then Pop-up adds will impress and you will get the dollar. After clicking the code on the full page link, you will get it on the right side.

earn from adfly

4. Pop Ads

This is also a popunder, by clicking on the link on your site, the auto pop up add will come and any the money will be credited to your account. You will also get the code on your right side.

You may paste all codes or may paste one or two codes and then the work will finish.

The People, whose have no blog or Website, they also earn money:

5. Homepage Link Shrink

You will get a box in homepage in that you give the link of your website and shrink it and then you will get a small link and after clicking on that link, the dollar will be credited.

After the 5 dollars, just withdraw it and will the payment on the 1st date of any month.

If you have any problem, then please you will pass your valuable comments.

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