Google Adsense Publishers Meet up- Know all new Rules about SEO and Adsense. Say from your own experience, Google where will you go?


How are you all? I hope you are in marvelous spirit by taking by lanes of technology and new tips. I am come among you with dozen technological tips. Our country is out of some service of technology. Especially Google, Microsoft or Apple who is well known technology experts, with them you can’t get a chance to talk.

But technology has changed, newly. Suppose SEO or Adsense or Affiliate have changed their rules regularly. But though we work with this, we can’t see many times these new updates. For this it is difficult to manage personal blogging or freelancing client. For which we need to update. But sometimes that delay, lack of enough chance.

Do you know Google Adsense Publishers Meet up? Let’s Know all new Rules about SEO and Adsense.

google meetup

Anyway, don’t worry if stay tune is there. We think how can be updated man  more in technology. Now we have used Windows 10 at the time of starting (29th July, 2015). We have used this type of many technology with prosperous world now.

Then why we will stay backward in blogging or SEO or same sector. No, and that can’t be happened. So I came with my real experience of Google’s last update (though I collect it from several English forum or blog). So let’s start to know.

Participate in Google India Meet up:

I got a chance of participating in Google India Meet-Up. This Meet-Up gave a chance of learning many things from many real experienced experts.


But why you will stay backward of knowing all updates of Google. So I shared bullet points for you. I hope it will work more to increase blogging sector.

The seminar had started with a discussion of several matters of internet by Kallol Bose (Google Add Partner India). He mentions nicely Ad perform on Google in mobile site and the user’s choice.

Next Harguneet Singh discussed about the importance of Google in mother tongue (It is said about mainly Hindi language here). Which is encourageful to blog in mother tongue really.


Then Mr Rafi mentioned all important Google Ranking and money, generate the process. He discussed which benefits we will get if Adsense account is joined with Google Analytics like ranking, research or generate money. Which helps publisher more to income from Adsense. Which article or writing has made more money, generate for you, that also comes here.

But the funniest season was season of Mr Uday, who looks after Spam and invalid activities in Google. His team is also known “BAD GUYS” for all this responsibility. Uday presented very nicely with this matter that why Google bans Adsense account.


Adsense Ban Guideline of Mr Uday is mentioned in the order:

Google used to ban that account without any warning if any mistake or invalid click is done in the year of 2012-2013. But now Google has come with lots of change of that. Like

#1. Warning:

Now Google will give you a warning first if there any problem is seen in your site and if you solve that problem within the next 72 hours, then Google will give you honour your account safely.

#2. Suspension:

If there is seen any Spam in your site, then Google will give you chance by mail next 30 days for fixing. If you do all like that within this, then Google will not create any problem. Otherwise, I said that before.

#3. Disabling:

Yet you can’t correct blog and sit easily, then if Google doesn’t do so, for that we have no fault anything, isn’t it? After that Google will give you the chance of 2 months for recovering same account. Then what is the problem?


He answered me there is no problem if you log in more account. But for making sure it will be several names and for several blogs.

Mr Uday warned us repeatedly that Google doesn’t give discount from 2015 for copyright content and adult content.

He informed Google is not complicated of showing ads on the web page.

At last Google showed Google Index and SEO through Saeed Malik side of the Web Master.

At last I will say of my own experience which I have learned from Meet Up, Google doesn’t like any type of problem or something dishonest. So be careful from today.

I have one more meeting, I will come after the end of the meeting. I hope you will get more of this. So till it, be happy. Take care.

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Thank you.

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