Earn Thousands of Dollars from your Adsense and Keep Safe it


 Every day, Google updates its site. As a result, the benefits are increasing on one side and on the other side the pressure is increasing day by day. Google is ready to keep the quality of the advertisement. But, the people who earn thousands of dollar from Adsense, for that there are some rules on it. I am bringing some rules in front of you that how would you safe the Adsense?

How to earn thousands of dollars with Google Adsense?

  1.  First of all, you have to keep control yourself. Don’t click on your own advertisement. Then the time of banning your site is not far away.
  2.  You have to keep abstaining yourself from giving the link of your websites. Because, the people of India mean worry. If they get your website, then they spoil your website by clicking roughly. If you want to share your site, then you use the fake monetization plugin.
  3.  Write the tune of your site in your own handwriting. You have to keep abstaining yourself from copying articles from other site. Otherwise, according to the copyright issue, your site will be banned.
  4.  Edit your image property of your site. Otherwise, you edit the image directly. You obviously keep in mind that the robot of the Google is too smart from you. They observe from small to smaller unit.
  5.  You never keep any things about third parties, for example: crack software, movie download link, etc. If you keep it and if the third party watch it, then they will report against you and your site will be banned.
  6.  You do not use Adsense, in which site porn, ammo, drugs, intoxicating, murders are described. Otherwise, your site will definitely banned.

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