Get relief from Auto run virus and Shortcut virus


Dear friends, most of the times we forget about virus and we use memory stick into the computer and then our computer has been affected with autorun virus and shortcut virus. For this cause our computer become slow in speed. Now I have come to solve your problem. I’ll release you from shortcut virus or autorun virus within just few seconds. I have brought a software with me to delete Autorun virus and shortcut virus. The name of this software is “After Death” – this software can delete any types of autorun virus and shortcut virus. You have to just install and run it. You can follow the steps below:

after death Auto run virus remover

1.       At first download “After Death” from here and install it on your computer and run it.

2.       Now select any memory card or pendrive.

3.       Now choose “Scan”.

4.       Now identify the virus by clicking on “S.H.F.” and delete all the virus.

About “After Death”: It is an autorun virus remover, shortcut virus remover, e5188982.exe virus remover.

What can “After Death” does?

After Death delete autorun virus and shortcut virus from flash drives.

It can restore virus effected files.

It can delete the source of virus from your computer.

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