Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software 2018 in India


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Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software 2018 in India

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Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software 2018 in India

Top 10 Best Antivirus Software in India 2015

1. Avast Free Antivirus: Download Now

2. AVG AntiVirus FREE: 

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition: 

4. Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2018: 

5. Kaspersky Free: 

6. Sophos Home Free: 

7. Avira Antivirus: 

8. Adaware Antivirus Free: 

9. Comodo Antivirus 10: 

10. Panda Free Antivirus: 

Avast and AVG maintained the top two spots — both winning TheMentalClub’s coveted Editors’ Choice award for best free antivirus software. Read on for a quick summary of each antivirus review.

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus took the top spot thanks to a combination of amazing test results and built-in features. In computing to its proven virus or malware protection and excellent phishing protection, Avast packs in a basic password manager, a secure web browser, and more. Avast’s all-in-one Smart Scan searches for hidden malware, unwanted browser add-ons, network threats, and PC performance issues. If you want its premium version then you have to purchase this Premium Version which is very costly.

Get Avast Premier Account 2018 | Activation Code

2. AVG AntiVirus FREE

AVG AntiVirus FREE also won one of the excellent 4.5-star users’ rating antivirus for its high scores in original test labs and regular malware destroying. Similar to Avast’s free offering, AVG’s on-demand scan seeks for lurked malware, undesired browser add-ons, and PC performance issues. AVG protects against 0-day threats by preventing malware or unknown resources files from opening and sending them to AVG Threat Labs for deeper analysis.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus Free version covers the same core anti-malware parts of Bitdefender’s paid product, but with a far cleaner option. It obviously lacks the more advanced features of its elder brother, but still gives outstanding performance and has earned top scores in unconventional lab tests. But if you want a password manager, you’ll need Bitdefender’s paid antivirus (or get it free with Avast Free Antivirus).

4. Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2018

Check Point ZoneAlarm is a free antivirus-firewall licenses software. Its antivirus engine from security giant Kaspersky. This antivirus-firewall combo will be more than good enough. But if you’re looking for features like web-based security and real-time, cloud-based protection, you’ll need to look for another antivirus software mentioned in this article.

5. Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky free version placed top 5 positions this countdown of Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software 2018 in India.  The interface shows the same six icons as in the paid Kaspersky Internet Security, but only Scan and Database Update is available to free users. If you want access to Safe Money, Privacy Protection, Parental Control, and Protection for All Devices, you have to purchase its premium version. However Kaspersky Free still provides you real-time protection, very good phishing security, and even warns of unsafe websites. So, it is the very good choice

6. Sophos Home Free

Sophos Home Free comes from Sophos, a company mainly focused on business security, and their free antivirus offers much of the same protection as their business products, including remote security administration for up to three windows or Macs. Super features just like family member’s computer and remotely manage their security. It is an excellent phishing protection and very good malicious URL blocking but sadly suffers a bit in PC Mag’s hands-on malware security test.

7. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus experienced excellent scores in unconventional testing labs and a very good score in TheMentalClub’s malware blocking test. When installing Avira Antivirus, you also have the chance to install other tools, including Avira Connect to launch and reach your other Avira products. Important features of this free version you can get is real-time scans are slow, and its Browser Safety part only works with Chrome and Firefox.

8. Adaware Antivirus Free

Adaware Antivirus Free comes from Adaware, a firm also known as Lavasoft. The new look but lacks features found in other free products — including the company’s own previous edition. Adaware Antivirus Free has received mixed scores in independent tests, and it doesn’t provide any protection against malicious URLs. At the end of the day, it’s a free antivirus, so there’s really no risk to try it, but you’ll find more benefitable features and better protection in the opposition.

9. Comodo Antivirus 10

Comodo Antivirus 10 is Comodo’s latest and new antivirus, having skipped from version 8 straight to version 10. This latest and new version rocks an all-new look, but you can still revert to the “Classic” theme via settings. According to TheMentalClub, Comodo’s “results ranged from perfect to dismal”. The free antivirus plays important on-access scan results and even holds sandboxing, but you’ll need to pony up for the paid suite if you need web-based protection.

10. Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus is last free antivirus chosen by the ThementalClub team. In this Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software 2018 in India Panda Free Antivirus, but it’s still got a few good things going for it. For one, it’s got a pleasant interface. It’s also speedy and lightweight and includes USB Protection to prevent any USB device you plug into your PC.

So friends get to download your favorite Antivirus and save your PC from virus attack.

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