5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone


Hello! Guys. Today My article is 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone 2019. Antivirus Android apps remain one of the most popular types of applications on Android. Generally, you don’t need one if you play it safe, only download apps from the Play Store, and keep your security settings enabled. However, there are those who like to take a walk on the wild side and not do those things. In any case, here are the 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone 2019. So, just reading this article from the beginning to the end.

5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone

5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone 2017
5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone 2019

1. 360 Security – Antivirus Boost:

360 Security is one of the most popular and highly rated antivirus Android apps available right now with over 100 million downloads and 10 million ratings resulting in a 4.6 overall rating. It’s completely and totally free, that’s pretty good. 360 security antivirus and anti-malware app comes with a various of features, the ability to scan npt only your device but for malware, scan your apps and games, enable real-time protection, and even comes with an anti-theft feature.

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You can also use the app’s built-in cleaner and booster service if you want, but the validity of those types of features aren’t particularly realized. Perhaps the most useful feature for this one is an app lock that lets you password protect any app on your device which is great for keeping nosy people away.

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2. Avira Antivirus Security:

Avira Antivirus is the nest most popular Antivirus Security relatively newer and lesser known antivirus apps. It comes with the basic stuff like device scanning, real-time protection, and even the ability to scan the external SD. This antivirus also has anti-theft feature, privacy features, blacklisting features, and device admin features.

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It’s a heavier antivirus app, but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way all the time. It’s worth a shot if for no other reason than to check out the Stagefright Adviser!

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3. AVAST Mobile Security:

AVAST Mobile Security comes from Avast, a name that many people recognize from the antivirus market on PC. AVAST is definitely one of the heavier antivirus Android apps that we’ve found and it comes with a metric ton of features that creates a pretty sturdy experience. Avast on Android is just as well-known and trusted with over 100 million installs and just shy of four million reviews with a 4.5 overall rating in Google Play.

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The features include the usual device scanning, app scanning, and real-time protection but also includes consistent antivirus database updates, anti-theft features, and the ability to remote lock your device in case you lose it. If you go pro, you’ll get even more features including remote data recovery, remote SMS, geo-fencing, ad detection, and app locking.

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4. CM Security:

CM Security had some viral success back when it was one of only a few free antivirus apps and was, at the time, the best free option available. It comes to antivirus and anti-malware protection as it has been ranked very high on AV-TEST repeatedly for several years now.


On top of its antivirus and anti-malware features, CM Security also includes one of the better app locks that we’ve used  that not only locks your apps, but takes selfies of people trying to nose around in your business. It’s a lot more lightweight than some of its name brand competitors which is good and it’s completely free for everyone.

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5. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

Malwarebytes has an exceptionally good reputation for PC users thanks to its lightweight, no-nonsense approach to finding and removing malware. The Android version isn’t much different. It had a bit of a rough start but has since rebounded with a respectable 4.2 rating and five million downloads to date.

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As we said, this one focuses primarily on antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware so the main features are the device scanning and real-time protection. It is especially good for older devices, lower range devices, and for those who don’t want to see any hiccups while running an antivirus app.

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Hope you enjoy this article about Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone 2019. Let’s apply it. If you have any quarries or have any question then you may leave your comment below in the comment section.

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