Top 5 Freelance Sites to Find Job as a Freelancer 2021


Hi Everyone, As the digital rover lifestyle rises in fame millions of people are receiving the benefits of freelancing. Freelance is a forum where clients and service providers can interact and deal with produce or service at some price, the service providers are called Freelancer. Freelance websites are great for individuals searching for an additional way to earn extra money and also for those who want community professionally. If you would like to work as a freelancer the initial step is using a solid platform that gives you the way to communicate with someone in need. Here in this post, I will list 5 of the most admired ones. You can also read our previous post about How to become a successful Freelancer on UpWork? ? Some valuable tips for new UpWork users

Top 5 Freelance Sites to Find Job as a Freelancer 2021

Top 5 Freelance Sites to Find Job as a Freelancer 2018

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Jooble is a job search engine created for helping you find the job of your dreams!
You will find all job postings and vacancies available on Jooble. Expect to find many job vacancies in the USA on Jooble. And this is not because Jooble is “the largest job site in the USA” or something like that. This is because of Jooble’s operation features; in the same way as any other search engine operates, Jooble does not compile all the information in its own database, but searches it out and does this much better than any other search engine.


Arguably the most well-known site for freelance job-seekers, Upwork caters to both expert and novice freelancers in every conceivable job category. With an impressive clientele that includes companies like Panasonic, Unilever, Pinterest, Zendesk, and more, freelancers on Upwork can pick from a variety of high-paying gigs that make for a welcome addition to their portfolios.


Fiverr is a job site for freelancers of all kinds; their services include digital marketing, designing, writing, voice recording, music, programming, and many more. Geared towards lean entrepreneurs who are looking to hire talent for short-term projects, Fiverr is a good place for freelancers searching for interesting work with fair compensation.

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Envato Studio

Web and mobile developers, and creative professionals working in categories like animation, video editing, graphic design, and more, can find high-quality work on Envato Studio. Once accepted on the platform, freelancers can post their services along with their fees, sample work, testimonials, and client requirements. Prospective clients then view the various freelance offerings and select the one that best suits their needs


Another platform that primarily caters to small businesses, Freelancer is a site that allows job-seekers to view all relevant postings and bid on the ones they find most promising. While getting the first one or two gigs can be a challenge, the offers start rolling in with a greater frequency once freelancers start building their profile on Freelancer.


Unlike other freelance sites, Toptal has got a selective nature. The enthusiastic applicants undergo a screening process and Toptal accepts only 4% of the applicants. This is to make a pool of highly talented service providers. The accepted freelancers will gain access to great clients with competitive compensation. If you are a particularly skilled software engineer, finance expert or designer, then Toptal is a good option.

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