Download a total Freelancer tutorial e-book in Bengali!


Needless to say that, at the starting of freelancing, there is huge tough and face so many difficulties and they have been facing so many difficulties till now. But, the present day boys/girls don’t have any patience to learn something as a continue process. In between some days, they lose their wishes. So, many people do not get success in spite of being come in this track.

Bengali PDF e-book on Freelancing

The main word is the people who earn money online, behind their success, there is a huge time, labour, and study and hi-fi mentality help you to take the person to the success point. So, the people who has been dreaming to earn money online without learning, they stop themselves from dreaming and start to learn neatly.

There are so many people who know the work but do not know the procedure of the application of work and there is no neighbourhood from whom you would take advice. Moreover, there are so many people who do not learn nothing in spite of being expense thousands of rupees. They do not learn due to the lack of professional person or lack of professional institution. So, just concentrate on your time and for helping I will give a full tutorial guide book in PDF format. It’s totalliy in your own language.

By doing myself and writing in the light of realities, one can gain success by reading this PDF book, then it will be my success.

The Index of the tutorial of PDF book:

Freelancing Market Place “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode: 1

Subject: The process of making user registration and profile.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 2

Subject: The process of bidding the project in freelancer.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 3

Subject: The Introduction of all menus.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 4

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 5

Subject: The process of lifting money through Moneybookers.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 6

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 7

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 8

Subject: The process of giving milestone payment to provider/worker and release after finishing the work.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 9

Subject: The process of giving feedback/review to the buyers and providers/workers.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 10

Subject: The process of working value and the work by adjusting the demand value.

Freelancing Marketplace “Freelancer”- Tutorial: Episode 11

Subject: The Questions and answers of new Freelancers.

The book is genuinely of bigganprojukti blog . When the book had  written, this book was in 200, then something changes had happened. But, something may not match. But, someone has tried to add some new features. But, pardon me if I make any mistake. I’ve shared this book depends on the demand and interests of the readers.

N.B: The book is made for distributing to the all persons freely and it is an open book. It will be unfair if someone distributes this PDF book to the people by demanding money.

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