How to Fix “My Removable Device” shortcut virus from Pendrive


Is your pen drive, flash drive, PC or removable disc infected with the virus? Today, I’ll show you, how to remove shortcut virus from pen drive, flash drive or removable disc. In my previous tutorial, I have shown you how to delete shortcut virus or how to delete autorun virus? I also shared “Shortcut Virus Remover tool” for Windows PC.

How to Fix “My Removable Device” shortcut virus from Pendrive

Use the computer, but don’t know about shortcut virus or autorun virus, I don’t believe it. You may use antivirus software on your Windows PC, but maximum antivirus software unable to delete this type of shortcut or autorun viruses. Actually, this is a kind of latent viruses. So, anti-virus cannot be eliminated.

How to Get relief from Autorun virus and Shortcut virus Permanently

Maximum time we need to reinstall the Windows on our PC. The virus destroyed all the files on your pen drive. So, I picked up a software to remove shortcut virus from PC. The name of this software is “USBFIX”. Size only 3 MB. Always free to use. No crack or serial key is required.

Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen Drive Permanently

How to Fix "My Removable Device" shortcut virus from Pendrive

Yes, today I’m going to share an ultimate shortcut virus remover for Windows PC. The name of this virus remove is “USBFix”. Developed by SOS Virus. UsbFix gives you access to your files and folders lost during infection. This software has two versions, one is a free version and another is the premium version. The free version is free to use. But, if you want to use pro version, then you’ve to buy.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive, Flash Drive or Removable Disc

Features of USBFIX:

  1. It is a freeware.
  2. It removes shortcut viruses.
  3. It can delete autorun viruses.
  4. It protects USB stick or pen drive or flash drive or removable disc.
  5. It can scan a pen drive/flash drive/removable disc/hard disc.
  6. It can remove threats from pendrive/flash drive/removable disc.
  7. It has USB vaccine. You can vaccinate your pendrive or flash drive to protect files from viruses.
  8. Partner of Bitdiffender Antivirus.

I think, you are waiting for download this “USBFix“. Now download the free version from the link below.

Download USBFix – the best shortcut virus remover tool for Windows (Free Version – Official Link)

If you want to use the premium version, then follow this link to buy it.

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