How to Delete Advertisements from Browsers Easily


Want to get the hassle-free browser? Get rid of unnecessary advertisements on your browser, delete advertisements from browsers and browse the internet hassle free. If AdBlock/AdBlocker extension/add-ons do not work, adguard will help you to get rid from unnecessary ads.

 Delete Advertisements from Browsers

So friends, today I’m going share an ad blocking software. The name of this ad blocking software is “AdGuard”. I think you will understand, if you see the screenshot below. Firstly, you’ve to download “Ad Guard” software from here. Or you can search on Google for this software. Read at a glance about “Ad Guard”. All that work, it is as below:

AdGuard for browsing safely 

  1. It is an ad blocker software.
  2. Ad Guard blocks all types of advertisements on the webpage.
  3. It able to block fishing website.
  4. It able to block malware attached website.

If you install it, you will get interface like below:


If you look at highlighted text, you will understand. I’m using it. Highlighted text can be different.

Remember: Don’t forget to whitelist*

How to browse safely?

Now I’ll tell you, how to browser safely? Most of the times we use google for searching websites or others contents. But we don’t know that which websites are safe and which are not safe for us. I mean you will be able to detect harmful websites or unsafe websites. Use Web of Trust (WOT) for browsing safely. I think we need to use this browser extension/add-ons. It will show you warning message when you will visit to unsafe websites or harmful websites. Search on Google Chrome extension directory or Mozilla Firefox add-ons directory.

How to Block or Allow ads of any Website with AdBlocker Extension on Google.

Web of Trust (WOT)

How to block online adds?

Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more.

Best AdBlocker Apps for Android


This Chrome/Firefox Adblock Addon Contains:

  1. Adblock for Youtube
  2. Adblock for Google
  3. Adblock for Facebook
  4. Adblock for Yahoo
  5. Adblock for Amazon
  6. Adblock for Bing
  7. Adblock for Stackoverflow
  8. Adblock for XING
  9. Adblock for Chrome
  10. Adblock for Gmail
  11. Adblocker for all other Sites

Download Adblock Pro from Google Chrome extension directory or Firefox add-ons directory.

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