How to copy text from image?


Want to extract text from an image file? OR Want to copy text from image file? Today, I’ll tell you, “How to copy text from image?” Let’s start.

Suppose, you’ve some pictures and you want to extract all text from these images. Or You’ve scanned your book in image file format. But, now you want to convert it into a text file. No need to type line by line, no need to start typing in MS Word or other text editor. If you start, it will be very difficult for you… And it is really boring. Now, you do not have to suffer in this way by typing the scan files. You can do this difficult task with a 13 MB’s software. The name of this software is “GT Text“. A software that helps to label and copy text from complex images Update version is 1.4.5. So, at first download the software from the link below. It is a freeware.

Download GT Text OCR, Free Software to convert image file to text file.

copy text from image

Features of GT Text

  1. Convert image to text.
  2. Support any type of image files.
  3. Improved OCR.
  4. More languages (You can add/remove languages).
  5. Screen caption.
  6. Faster user experience.
  7. It performs fast OCR text recognition and copies image text to clipboard.
  8. It is free to use, no need to buy.

How to copy text from image with the GT Text OCR Software?

#1 At first, install the GT Text on your PC.

#2 Now open an image file which you want to extract.

#3 Now click on Tools menu> Copy Text From > Full Image.

#4 It will show a message box, you’ve to click on “Continue” button.

#5 Now select the text and copy it and paste it into any text editor.

It can recognize non-English test. So, you can also extract non-English text from any image file. But, you’ve to add the target language.

add more languages

How to add more languages in GT Text?

Click on File Menu > Preferences > Add Languages > Select your target language from the list and install it.

Thank you…

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